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A Gilets jaunes protest in Belfort, France on 1 December 2018

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  • Rise in crude oil prices in 2018[29]
  • Fuel tax[30]
  • Traffic enforcement cameras[31]
  • Austerity measures[32]
  • 2017 wealth tax repeal[33]
  • Globalization[34]
  • Class conflict[35]
  • Neoliberalism[36]
  • Increase in the French minimum wage[37]
  • End to austerity measures[38]
  • Improved standard of living[38]
  • Government transparency and accountability[38]
  • Improved government services for rural areas[38]
  • Constitutional proposal for Citizens’ initiative referendum, including constitutional, legislative, abrogative, and recall initiatives[39]
  • Protests
  • Violence[40]
  • Civil disobedience[41]
  • Property damage[42][43]
  • Vandalism[40]
  • Barricades[40]
  • Blocking traffic[44]
  • Disabling traffic enforcement cameras[31]
  • Rioting[45][46]
  • Collectivist anarchism[47]
  • Looting[48]
  • Strike action[citation needed]
    • Ongoing
  • Cancellation of fuel tax and six-month moratorium on diesel and petrol price changes[49]
  • Announcement that price of Électricité de France blue tariffs would not increase before March 2019[50]
  • Elimination of tax on overtime and end-of-year bonuses[51]
  • Decrease of fuel and motor taxes[44]
  • €100 ($118) increase in social minima for employees[52]
  • Gilets jaunes

    National Police

    National Gendarmerie

    Rural GuardsFrench Army[53]

    Pro-government protesters[54]

    Maxime Nicollefr[55]Eric DrouetfrChristophe Chalençon[56]Priscillia LudoskyJacline Mouraud[57][58]Étienne Chouard[59]François Boulo[60]Emmanuel MacronÉdouard PhilippeChristophe Castaner[61][62][63]French[muvmɑ̃ de ʒilɛ ʒon]populist[64]grassroots[65]economic justice[66][67]cost of livingdisproportionate burdengovernment’s tax reforms[68][69][70]peri-urban[32][71]solidarity tax on wealthCitizens’ initiative referendums[39][38][72]2017 French presidential electionnot votedfar-rightfar-left[73]high-visibility vests[74][75]those of May 1968[76][77][78][79]edit[80][74]edit[81]French PresidentEmmanuel Macron[82]François Hollande[83]François BayrouMoDem[84][85]Nicolas Hulot[86]Benalla affairGérard Collomb[87][88]editdiesel enginesheavy equipment[89]1979 oil crisisPeugeotVAT[90][89]edit[91][92][92][93][94]

  • The domestic consumption tax on energy products (TICPE, la Taxe intérieure de consommation sur les produits énergétiques), which is not calculated based on the price of oil, but rather at a fixed rate by volume. Part of this tax, paid at the pump, goes to regional governments, while another portion goes to the national government. Since 2014, this tax has included a carbon component—increased each year—in an effort to reduce fossil fuel consumption. The TICPE for diesel fuel was raised sharply in 2017 and 2018 to bring it to the same level as the tax on petrol.
  • Value added tax (VAT), calculated on the sum of the price excluding tax and the TICPE. Its rate has been stable at 20 percent since 2014, after having been at 19.6 percent between 2000 and 2014.
  • [30][95]Édouard Philippe’s second government[96][97]petrol[98]François Hollande[98]edit[99][100][101][102]edit[103]Emmanuel Macronfossil fuelclimate change[104][96][105]redistributivewealth taxpensionsminimum wage[106][107][108][109][110]edit

    [74][75][74][74][75][74]editÉric DrouetPriscillia[67][111][112]Facebook[113]

    The first gilets jaunes protest in Vesoul, 17 November 2018

    horizontal[114][115][116]populist[64][73]grassroots[65]economic justice[66]the establishment[117][73]BBCMarseilleBordeaux[65][64][65][73]Marine Le PenJean-Luc Melenchon[73][118]Le Monde[38]Jean-Luc MélenchonPhilippe PoutouNathalie ArthaudNicolas Dupont-AignanFrançois Fillon[119]MarianneColuche[120][121][122][123][123][122][124][121][124]Ouest-France[125][126][127]flashball[77]

    trade unionism[128][129]direct initiative[130][131]Étienne ChouardRIC[132][133][134][135]editeditedit

    A protest on 17 November cutting the road near Belfort

    [93][136][137][138]Le Pont-de-Beauvoisin[113][139][140][141]overseas regionRéunion[142]editChamp de Mars[142][143]tear gas[93][144]edit

    A gilets jaunes demonstration in Belfort on 1 December

    Act 3 – Macron Quitsfr[145]Nantes Atlantique AirportNice Côte d’Azur AirportVinci Autoroutes[146][147][148]collapse of a building[149][150][151]Arles bypass[140]Arc de Triomphe[137][152]Paris MayorAnne Hidalgo[150]edit

    A gilets jaunes demonstration in Paris on 8 December 2018

    Le Puy-en-VelayFestival of Lights[153]Villefranche-sur-Saône[154]Apple Store[155][156]Élysée Palace[156]editCSG[157][158][159]CAF[52]Bank of France[160]edit2018 Strasbourg attack[57][161]ToulousePriscillia LudoskyParis Operamegaphonetaxationartisansdodges taxes[161][162]edit

    A gilets jaunes demonstration in Belfort on 22 December

    Prefecture of Police[163][164]Versailles Palace[165]Montmartre[166][167][167]MontélimarGroupe CasinoAmazon[168][169][170]Perpignan[164]edit

    RouenNormandyBanque de France[171][172]editeditBenjamin GriveauxforkliftCaenRennes[173]Women’s role[67][174][175]INSEE[176][177]Toulouse[178][179][180][181]edit[182][183][184][184]CRS[182][183][184]Dijongendarmerie[185][186][183][183][183][184][183][183][187][183][187][184]edit

    Tribute to the dead during the movement (Paris, act 10)

    Angers[188]Emmanuel Macroncitation needededitflash-ball[189][190]foulards rouges[189][190]edit[191][192][193]ToursValenceMarseilleBordeauxToulouse[192][193][194][195]

    A Gilets jaunes protest in Paris, 9 February 2019

    [193][196][196][193]open letter[193][193]Christophe Castaner[193][192][196][193][192][193][196][196][192][196]MorlaixNantesLille[193][197][193][196][197][197]edit

    Bordeaux, 9 February 2019

    citation neededacademicianAlain Finkielkraut[198][199]Salafi movement[200]edit[201]Fouquet’sHugo BossXiaomiAnne Hidalgo[202]Operation SentinelleJanuary 2015 terror attacks in Paris[203]edit[204]edit[205]editedit[206]editCoronavirus lockdown[207]editpolice brutality[208][209]edit

    Gilets jaunes leader Jérôme Rodrigues lost an eye after a police intervention on 26 January 2019[57][210]

    [211][216]facial traumanon-lethal weapon ammunition[217]flash-ball[218][219][220][221][222]editeditFrançois RuffinFakirFrédéric LordonNuitdeboutistes[223]editbaccalauréatleaving exam[224][225][226][227]Mantes-la-Jolie[228]Jean-Michel Blanquer[229][230]Amnesty International[231]Saint-Étienne[232]Festival of Lights[233]EU[234]edit[235]

    A Gilets jaunes protest in December 2018

    Strasbourg Christmas market[236][237]editVinci SA[238]Xavier Huillard[239]edit[240][241]United KingdomItalySpainGermany[242]edit[243][244]Marianne[245]Michel Fugain[246]NîmesÉlysée PalaceCompagnies Républicaines de Sécurité[247]edit

    Riot police in Brussels in December 2018

    [248][116][249][95]CGTFO[250][251][252]Minister of the InteriorChristophe Castaner2017 presidential electionRassemblement National[143]Champs Élysées[143]

    French riot police in Paris, 26 January 2019

    [37][253]Électricité de France[50][254][255][255][256][257][258][231][259][260][261][260]département[262]editAdam Gopnikthe strikes of 1995Herrick ChapmanGeneral de GaulleFrench Fifth Republic[263]

    A gilets jaunes demonstration in Paris in December 2018

    ParisMay 1968[76]banlieues riots of 2005[114]Bonnets RougesleadersCarhaix[264]Occupy movement[73][265]Five Star Movement[65][73]Orbanism[263]popular revolts in late-medieval EuropeJacquerie[266]PoujadismBrownshirts[114][267]French Revolution[268][269]edit[270][271][272]editAlain FinkielkrautVincent DuclertfrJean-Yves Camus[273]DieudonnéAlain Soral[274][275]edit

    Locations of yellow vests protests


    A gilets jaunes protest in Brussels, Belgium

    billiard ballscobblestones[278]WalloniaLukoil[2]Belgian federal elections in 2019[2][279]Charles Michel[280]E25LiègeMaastricht[281]edit

    A gilets jaunes protest in London, United Kingdom

  • Australia: Australian Liberty Alliance, a minor far-right political party, rebranded itself as Yellow Vest Australia on 9 April.[282]
  • Bulgaria: Anti-government protesters in Bulgaria began wearing high-visibility vests from 16 November.[3]
  • Canada: In Canada, the Yellow Vests is a far right and alt-right movement.[283][284][285][286] Starting in late 2018 after the France protests, the Canadian Yellow Vests groups began to gain popularity. The Canadian group incorporates a xenophobic message,[284] is against the federal Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act, and is pro-petrochemical-pipeline, but is primarily focused on anti-immigration, anti-Islam, anti-semitic and white supremacist rhetoric.[283][287]
  • [288][289]Parliament Hill[290]Conservative PartyAndrew ScheerPeople’s PartyMaxime Bernier[291][292][293][294][295]Faith GoldyRebel Media[296]Prime MinisterJustin Trudeau[297]United NationsGlobal Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration[293]David Tkachuk[298]LiberalAmarjeet SohiNDPNathan Cullen[298][293][294]LGBTPride FestivalHamilton, Ontario[299][300][301]

  • Croatia: On 15 December 2018, “Yellow Vests Croatia” held demonstrations in Zagreb, Pula and Rijeka.[6]
  • Egypt: A lawyer was detained for 15 days after posting a picture of himself wearing a high-visibility jacket in support of the protests in France.[302] Sales restrictions on yellow reflective vests were introduced,[303][304] causing backlash from human rights groups, who stated that President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is attempting to suppress political opposition.[305][306]
  • Finland: Anti-immigration protesters, who had begun demonstrations before the rise of the yellow vests movement, have adopted the yellow vest symbol, beginning with a demonstration on 17 December.[7]
  • Germany: The yellow vests symbol was used both by the left and right-wing groups, including Pegida and Aufstehen, who demonstrated at the Brandenburg Gate, Dresden, Munich and in Stuttgart.[307][308]
  • Iraq: On 5 December 2018, yellow-vest-inspired protesters demonstrated in Basra, Iraq, for more job opportunities and better services. They were reportedly fired upon with live ammunition.[9]
  • Ireland: At least three rival groups claim the “Yellow Vest” name in Ireland, and vary from general opposition to the government to far-right/alt-right and xenophobic views.[309] In December 2018, hundreds attended yellow vests protests in the centre of Dublin against ‘the perceived failures of the Government’,[310][311] and also the use of fluoride in the public water supply.[309] In January 2019 minor protests were held in Dublin, Belfast,[312] Galway, Limerick, Wicklow, Waterford and Donegal.[313] On 16 November 16 and on 14 December 2019, Yellow Vest Ireland participated in demonstrations in Dublin outside the Dáil, in opposition to proposed anti-hate speech legislation.[314]
  • Israel: Economic uncertainty and corruption led to a yellow vest rally at the Azrieli Centre Mall in Tel Aviv on 14 December.[10]
  • Italy: The yellow vests symbol has been used by multiple protest groups in Italy. In November 2018, a pro-Italian government, anti-EU protest group launched a Facebook page with thousands of online supporters, stating it was “inspired by the French gilet jaunes”.[315] On 15 December, several thousand people wearing yellow vests marched in Rome to protest against Italy’s “tough new anti-migrant law”.[12] In January 2019, the leaders of Italy’s ruling government coalition announced their support for the gilet jaunes protests in France. AFP reported that it is “extremely rare for European leaders to back anti-government protesters in a fellow member state”.[316]
  • Latvia: Foundation “Tautas varas fronte” (“Front of the people power”). On 20 January leaders of this foundation started the campaign of yellow vests, protesting against oil prices .[317]
  • Libya: During the 2019 Western Libya Offensive, during which the capital city Tripoli was militarily attacked by the Libyan National Army under the command of Khalifa Haftar, regular Friday street demonstrations against Haftar in Tripoli and Misrata, included (on 19 April and 3 May 2019) protestors wearing yellow vests to symbolise their opposition to perceived French support for Haftar’s attack on Tripoli.[318][319][320]
  • Netherlands: On 1 December, a small number of yellow vest demonstrators protested in Dutch cities. Further demonstrations occurred on 8 December, where peaceful protesters marched through Rotterdam.[17][280]
  • Nigeria: A yellow vest protester can be seen in a protest demanding the release of Ibrahim Zakzaky.[18]
  • Pakistan: Hundreds of engineers staged a day long protest at Lahore wearing yellow vests.[19][321]
  • Poland: On 12 December, a group of farmers blocked the A2 motorway 30 kilometers outside of Warsaw, demanding compensation for pigs they were required to slaughter, and protesting the importation of Ukrainian agricultural products unlabeled with respect to their country of origin. The agricultural minister Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski met with the protesters to explain that their demands were met already.[322]
  • Portugal: On 21 December 2018, a coletes amarelos (yellow vest) rally was held under the slogan Vamos Parar Portugal (“Let’s Bring Portugal to a Halt”).[20] In spite of the 70% solidarity polled among the 10-million strong Portuguese public,[20] less than one hundred demonstrators showed up for the rally, for which authorities had 20 thousand uniformed police officers prepared for.[323]
  • Russia: On 23 December 2018, Blue Bucket demonstrators at Sokolniki Park wore yellow vests at a rally against parking fee increases in Moscow.[21] Yellow vests are also common in protests in the Arkhangelsk region against a plan to build landfill in Shiyes, which is the smallest station and a village in the region.[324]
  • Serbia: A civil rights organisation Združena akcija Krov nad glavom started using yellow vests in its protests to oppose the eviction of a resident in the Mirijevo district of Belgrade and to show solidarity and common cause with French Yellow vest movement.[22] Parallel to that, on 4 December, Boško Obradović, the leader of the far-right Dveri party, called for demonstrations about high fuel prices in Serbia on 8 December.[325]
  • Spain: During the taxi driver strike of January in Madrid and Barcelona, many protesters used yellow vests.[citation needed]
  • Taiwan: The Tax and Legal Reform League, demonstrating for tax justice since December 2016,[326] organized a yellow vests march on 19 December.[276]
  • Tunisia: A derivative group, the gilets rouges (“red vests”), emerged on Facebook, calling for protests against the economic situation in the country.[26]
  • United Kingdom: Pro-Brexit groups involved in small-scale protests in London and other UK cities have appropriated[327] or “hijack[ed]”[328] the yellow vests symbol.[329]
  • United States: In Vermont, a group called “No Carbon Tax Vermont” held a rally at the Vermont Statehouse on 9 January 2019.[330][331]
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  • Étienne Chouard
  • Laëtitia Dewalle
  • Priscillia Ludosky
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Here’s the Lesson for Climate Change”Archived^“Just who are the gilets jaunes?”ISSN0261-3077^“Priscillia Ludosky, la force tranquille des “gilets jaunes””ab“Chi sono i ‘gilet gialli’, la versione francese dei Forcone”Archivedabc“Never before have I seen blind anger like this on the streets of Paris”Archived^“Barricades in Paris make Brexit bankers think again”Financial TimesArchivedab“‘There Is an Atmosphere of Civil War.’ France’s Yellow Jackets Are Driving Fury at Macron”TimeArchived^“France’s Macron hunts for way out of ‘yellow vest’ crisis”ReutersArchived^“Les Français, les gilets jaunes et les mesures annoncées par Edouard Philippe”Archived^“Sur un axe de Mélenchon à Le Pen, où se situent les revendications des ‘gilets jaunes’?”Archived^“Ni Macron, ni Mélenchon, ni Le Pen : les gilets jaunes votent… Coluche”Archivedab“Fin de monde?”Archivedab“Reporters attacked at “yellow vest” protests in France”Reporters Without Bordersab“Journalists becoming target for ‘yellow vest’ protesters”Euronewsab“”Gilets jaunes” : les rédactions prennent des mesures pour assurer la sécurité des journalistes”Archived^“Loire-Atlantique. Ce journal que des Gilets jaunes ont empêché de paraître”^“The Ugly, Illiberal, Anti-Semitic Heart of the Yellow Vest Movement”Archived^“‘Any silence justifies the lynching’: Media watchdog condemns ‘yellow vest’ attacks on journalists”^“Comment les “gilets jaunes” ont bouleversé les codes de la contestation”Archived^“Les ‘gilets jaunes’, un mouvement sans leader dans lequel les ‘fake news’ prospèrent”Archived^“Des “gilets jaunes” helvétiques: impossible!”Le TempsArchived^“Le système politique suisse ausculté par la France et les “gilets jaunes””Radio Télévision SuisseArchived^“Gilets jaunes Histoire du RIC, un cri du peuple”Archived^“La VIe République : une idée qui fait son chemin”Archived^“France’s Yellow Vests: A Test for the Populist Left”Archived^“VIDEO. Qu’est-ce que le RIC, la revendication-phare des gilets jaunes ?”Archived^“LATEST: French police dislodge fuel protesters as movement wanes (for now)”Archivedab“ANALYSIS: The savage violence in Paris was not a protest, it was an insurrection”Archived^“France’s ‘yellow vest’ protesters block access to fuel depots”Archived^“Gilets jaunes: qui était Chantal, morte écrasée sur un barrage”Archivedabcde“” Gilets jaunes ” : un troisième mort en marge du mouvement”Archived^“” Gilets jaunes ” : barrages, casse et ” sévérité ” promise par l’Etat : le point sur la journée de mercredi”Archivedab“French troops deployed amid protests on Reunion island”the originalabc“French ‘gilets jaunes’ protests turn violent on the streets of Paris”Archived^“Macron: Paris protest ‘battle scenes’ could hurt France’s image”Archived^“Gilets Jaunes: Protesters warn of ports disruption”Archived^“Incidents à Strasbourg, préfecture assiégée au Puy-en-Velay: 75 000 Gilets jaunes en France”Archived^“Gilets jaunes à Lyon : mobilisation sur le TEO, l’A6 fermée vers Lyon”Archived^“One dead as France considers state of emergency over protests”Archived^“” Sang sur les mains “. À Marseille, des milliers de manifestants en colère réclament la démission du maire”Archivedabc“France fuel protests: 80-year-old woman killed in her home”Archivedab“Marseille. L’IGPN saisie après la mort d’une octogénaire blessée par une grenade”Archived^“Des gilets jaunes défont une grille du Jardin des Tuileries, un homme dans le coma”^“Gilets jaunes : flambée des violences à Lyon, au Puy-en-Velay et à Saint-Etienne”Archived^“Gilets jaunes: l’autoroute A6 fermée à hauteur de Villefranche-sur-Saône”Archived^“‘Gilets jaunes’ à Bordeaux : ‘Tout a basculé en une heure'”Archivedab“France’s ‘yellow vests’ clash with police in Paris”Archived^“France yellow vest protests: Macron promises wage rise”Archived^“Verbatim: Le discours d’Emmanuel Macron face aux “gilets jaunes””Archived^“Audiences: 23 millions de personnes devant l’intervention d’Emmanuel Macron”Archived^“Gel des tarifs bancaires et plafonnement des frais d’incidents : ce qu’a demandé Emmanuel Macron aux banquiers”ArchivedabThe New York Times^“” Gilets jaunes ” : mobilisation en forte baisse avec environ 66 000 manifestants en France”Archived^“France’s ‘yellow vests’ block borders ahead of Christmas”Archivedab“” Gilets jaunes ” : un mort et une mobilisation en demi-teinte pour l'” acte VI “”Archived^“Versailles, which survived the French revolution, is closing for the latest protests”Archived^“Le “gilet jaune” Éric Drouet, interpellé samedi, sera jugé ultérieurement”L’ObsArchivedab“Haut-Doubs: des gilets jaunes ralentissent la circulation à la frontière suisse”France 3Archived^“Gilets jaunes : Amazon bloqué, situation toujours tendue à Montélimar”Archived^“Gilets jaunes: des blocages aux frontières avec l’Espagne, l’Italie et l’Allemagne”^“EN DIRECT – Gilets jaunes : Castaner dénonce les manifestants “animés par la haine des institutions””^“Acte VII des Gilets jaunes : de la violence et des scènes surréalistes à Rouen”Archived^“Gilets jaunes: Je te BFM, moi non plus”Archived^“Violence Surges as Yellow Vests Attack French Government Ministry”Archived^“DOCUMENT – Les gilets jaunes publient une liste de revendications”Archivedsic^“Les femmes Gilets jaunes en première ligne à Rouen : ” Les petits contrats, c’est pour nous “”Archived^“The future of labour is female”Archived^^“Des centaines de femmes ” gilets jaunes ” manifestent dans plusieurs villes de France”Archived^“Gilets jaunes : le boxeur de gendarmes Christophe Dettinger condamné à un an de prison ferme”France 24^“Yellow vests knock out 60% of all speed cameras in France”Archived^“”Gilets jaunes” : la moitié des radars automatiques de France ont été mis hors service”Archivedab“”Gilets jaunes”: forte mobilisation pour “l’acte IX”, au moins 84.000 manifestants”Archivedsicabcdefgh“Yellow vest protests hit with police water cannon, tear gas in Paris”Archivedabcde“French ‘yellow vests’ rally in fresh round of protests”Archived^“Acte 9 des “gilets jaunes”: Oui, des CRS avec des fusils d’assaut ont bien été déployés le 12 janvier”^“Gilets jaunes: les armes de l’escalade policière”Archivedab“Paris gas leak explosion leaves 4 dead amid ‘yellow vest’ protests”Archived^“”Gilets jaunes” : il y avait 84.000 manifestants samedi, comme la semaine dernière”Archivedab“Gilets jaunes leader hit in eye during protest ‘will be disabled for life'”ISSN0261-3077Archivedab“Yellow vest protester seriously wounded during 11th week of marches”Archived^“Edouard Philippe et Alain Juppé au chevet des commerçants bordelais”abcde“French ‘yellow vests’ march through Paris denouncing police violence”Archivedabcdefghijk“France’s ‘yellow vests’ rail at police violence”^“A Valence, sous une pluie glaciale, les ” gilets jaunes ” ont ” oublié de tout casser “”^“Tours, une guerre des nerfs entre ” gilets jaunes ” et forces de l’ordre”abcdefg“France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ Protestors Blame Police Violence for Injured People”abc“French MPs condemn ‘authoritarian’ plans to curtail gilets jaunes protests”ISSN0261-3077Archived^“Yellow-vest protests: Macron condemns anti-Semitic abuse”^“France to investigate anti-Semitic insults at ‘yellow vest’ protest”DW-TV^“Finkielkraut injurié : le principal suspect, Benjamin W., est en garde à vue”^“‘Decisive act’: Yellow vests plan Paris sit-in and protest at CDG airport”The Local^“Gilets jaunes : 80 enseignes endommagées à Paris, le gouvernement sous le feu des critiques”Le Monde^“France drafts in troops to prevent further gilets jaunes violence”^“Fiery clashes in new round of French Yellow Vest protests”France 24^“Hundreds arrested in Paris in new wave of Yellow Vest demonstrations”New Europe^“Gilets jaunes à Toulouse : ils étaient peu nombreux, mais motivés ce samedi”^“Clashes and arrests as ‘yellow vest’ protests return in France”Al Jazeera^“French police station attacked with fireworks, metal bars”Associated Press^Agence France-Presse“Police station outside Paris targeted in fireworks attack”The Daily Telegraph^“” Verdict : j’ai perdu mon œil ” : l’annonce du ” gilet jaune ” Jérôme Rodrigues”Le Mondeab“Driver killed in accident at Yellow Vest roadblock in southern France”Archivedab“”Gilets jaunes”: un sixième mort depuis le début de la mobilisation”Archived^“Gilets jaunes: septième mort en marge du mouvement”Archived^“Gilets jaunes: deux accidents mortels en marge de barrages, 8 morts depuis le début du mouvement”Archived^“Death toll in French ‘yellow vest’ protests rises to nine”Archived^“Gilets jaunes: 2891 blessés depuis le début du mouvement”Archived^“Les blessés éborgnés par les forces de l’ordre ne le sont pas par accident”Archived^Brügger & Thomet GL06“différence entre un “lanceur de balle de défense” et un “flash-ball””Archived^“Riot control guns: What’s all the fuss about Flash Balls in France?”Archived^“Bulletin Officiel du Ministère de l’intérieur”Archived^“Gilets jaunes : le décompte des blessés graves”Archived^“Gilets Jaunes: French ‘flash-ball’ row over riot-gun injuries”Archived^“Des gilets jaunes au comité Adama : François Ruffin tente une laborieuse “convergence des luttes””Archived^“French government fears ‘major violence'”Archived^“Parcoursup: retour sur une réforme explosive”Archived^“Les lycéens contre la réforme du bac”^“Contre ParcourSup et la réforme du bac : grève et manifestation vendredi 7 décembre”Archived^“France : tollé après l’interpellation massive de lycéens à Mantes-la-Jolie”Archived^“La vidéo de l’interpellation collective de dizaines de lycéens à Mantes-la-Jolie provoque de vives réactions”Archived^“Paris protests ‘created a monster'”Archivedab“Police must end use of excessive force against protesters and high school children in France”Archived^“Douze interpellations à Saint-Etienne en marge des manifestations lycéennes”Archived^“Saint-Étienne demande encore l’annulation de la Fête des lumières à Lyon”Gaël Perdriau^“Mouvement des lycéens et Gilets jaunes : “On espère faire converger nos luttes””Archived^“” Gilets jaunes ” : le manque à gagner serait de 2 milliards d’euros pour le commerce”Archived^“Strasbourg : après l’attentat, les théories du complot”Archived^“Les ‘Gilets jaunes’, nouveau terrain d’influence de la nébuleuse complotiste et antisémite”Archived^“French group Vinci confident on 2019 despite ‘yellow vests’ protests”Reuters^“French ‘yellow vest’ protests put brakes on Vinci’s traffic growth”CNBCReuters^“France’s tourism sector takes a hit from Yellow Vest violence”France 24^“‘Gilets Jaunes’ Protests: More Bad News For Parisian Hotels?”École hôtelière de Lausanne^“Yellow Vests – Tourism Numbers Keep Decreasing”better source needed^“La Bajon, nouvelle “Coluche” des Gilets jaunes ? – Le Parisien”Archived^“En pleine manifestation des gilets jaunes, une danseuse improvise une chorégraphie – Madame Figaro”Archived^“Gilets jaunes : des Marianne seins nus sur les Champs-Elysées”Archived^“”Gilets jaunes” : une artiste fait le buzz avec son clip tourné sur un rond-point”Archived^“French gilets jaunes burger made with ‘tear gas sauce'”Archived^“The yellow jackets are a reminder Emmanuel Macron rules only one version of France”Archived^“Who are the gilets jaunes and what do they want?”Archived^“Grèves, blocus étudiants, événements annulés… le point sur la mobilisation des ” gilets jaunes “”Archived^“Routiers : FO et la CGT lèvent leur appel à la grève”^“Castaner ministre de l’Intérieur, la consécration d’un fidèle de Macron”^“France Freezes Fuel Tax Hike In Face Of Yellow Vest Protests”Archived^“Gilets jaunes: Macron lance une grande concertation à l’Elysée lundi”ab“Macron promises minimum wage rise”Archived^“Macron promises minimum wage hike in response to violent protests in France”Archived^“To quell unrest, France’s Macron speeds up tax cuts but vows no U-turn”Archived^“Ce qu’a annoncé Macron pour sortir de la crise des “gilets jaunes””Archived^“French police blasted for maiming ‘yellow vests’ with tear gas and rubber bullets”Archivedab“Policiers: avec la menace d’une mobilisation ” illimitée “, les syndicats obtiennent une hausse salariale”Archived^“Gilets jaunes : une prime de 300 euros pour les forces de l’ordre mobilisées”Archived^“80 km/h : Édouard Philippe “s’est fait tordre le bras”, estime Olivier Bost”RTLabAdam Gopnik“The Yellow Vests and Why There Are So Many Street Protests in France”Archived^“Qui sont les gilets jaunes?”Archived^“What the Yellow Vests Have in Common with Occupy”ISSN0160-5992^“Why are France’s Yellow Jackets so angry?”Politico EuropeArchived^“Will the Yellow Vests Reject the Brown Shirts”Archived^“Gilets jaunes – Le ministre de l’Intérieur indique que le pics de manifestants s’est élevé à 282710 manifestants, atteint vers 17 heures”Archived^“Why France’s Yellow Vest Protests Are Ignored by “The Resistance” in the U.S.”Archived^“‘Red scarves’ march in Paris against yellow-vest violence”Archived^“In Paris, ‘red scarves’ turn out to protest violence of ‘yellow vest’ demonstrations”Archived^“Thousands of ‘foulards rouges’ protest against the gilets jaunes in Paris”Archived^“Gilets jaunes: How much anti-Semitism is beneath the yellow vests?”^“Insultes antisémites: l’intégralité de l’interview Alain Finkielkraut sur BFMTV”^“Yellow Vest protesters fan flames of anti-Semitism in France”CNNab“10,000 Taiwanese ‘yellow vests’ march in Taipei for tax reforms”Taiwan NewsArchived^法稅改革聯盟等團體發起黃背心運動United Daily NewsArchived^“‘Yellow jacket’ tax protests spread: billiard balls vs. water cannons”Archived^“Des “gilets jaunes” créent un mouvement politique pour les prochaines élections fédérales”Le SoirArchivedab“French police use armoured vans and tear gas in bid to quell Paris protests”^“”Gilets jaunes”: trois Belges décédés depuis le début du mouvement”^“Far-right party rebrands as ‘Yellow Vest Australia’ for elections”The Straits Timesab“What It’s Like Monitoring Canada’s Yellow Vest Movement Every Day”ab“The Far-Right Grassroots Movement Taking Over Canada”^“Hate groups mix with yellow vests on ‘front line’ of extremism in Canada”^“Factcheck: CBC misrepresents Yellow Vests Canada movement, makes no mention of death threats”^“Groups protest against each other at Hamilton’s City Hall”^“Canadian yellow vest protests unlike French movement, despite similar attire: U of S prof”CBC News^“Punches thrown in Edmonton as protest groups clash”^“United We Roll protest: Truck convoy ends Hill rally, gears up for Day 2”^“‘We believe in you,’ Scheer tells controversial pro-pipeline movement”^“Scheer and Bernier should denounce extremists in Ottawa convoy”abc“Andrew Scheer Criticized For Support of United We Roll Convoy”ab“Andrew Scheer’s problematic approach to his populist supporters”^“Scheer is playing with fire. Most Canadian conservatives are not white nationalists”^“The convergence of Canada’s mainstream right and far right is occurring right on schedule”^“In this photo of Andrew Scheer embracing the far-right, anti-immigant Yellow Vests convoy, you can see a convoy billboard that says “charge Trudeau with treason”. Scheer fully supports the convoy – does he support this as well?”ab“Tory Senator Tells Truckers To ‘Roll Over Every Liberal Left In The Country'”^“‘Hateful’ protest at Hamilton Pride event condemned”^“‘No more hate in the Hammer’: Anti-hate demonstration meets yellow vest protest outside city hall”^“City looks at how to ban yellow vests from ‘a public space like no other'”^“Egyptian lawyer detained after wearing yellow vest”Archived^“Egypt restricts yellow vests sales to avoid copycat protests”Archived^“Egypt bans sale of yellow vests in fear of gilets jaunes copycat protests”ISSN0261-3077Archived^“Egypt restricts sales of yellow vests”^“Egypt banned the sale of yellow vests. Are the French protests spreading?”^“En Allemagne, l’extrême droite revêt l’uniforme des ‘gilets jaunes'”Archived^“‘Gelbwesten’-Protest in München”SPONArchivedab“A look inside the angry, fractured world of Ireland’s ‘yellow vests'”^“Yellow vest demo in Dublin shows solidarity for French protestors”Irish Examiner^“Hundreds join ‘yellow vest’ protest march in Dublin”^“‘Yellow vest’ protests held in Dublin”^“Yellow Vest protesters issue 18 demands, including Taoiseach’s resignation”^“Three arrested at anti-racism and free speech rally outside the Dail”^“Macron: Paris protest ‘battle scenes’ could hurt France’s image”ISSN0261-3077Archived^“Italian leaders back French ‘yellow vest’ protesters”Archived^“”We will not let destroy Latvia”: for which the Front of People’s Power is fighting”Sputnik News^“Heavy clashes near Libya’s Tripoli amid ‘new phase of attack'”Al Jazeera EnglishArchived^“En Libye, des gilets jaunes pour dénoncer l’offensive d’Haftar et la France”AFPArchived^“Des Libyens en gilets jaunes dénoncent une ingérence française”Valeurs actuellesArchived^“Traffic jam follows engineers’ protest”The News InternationalArchived^“Farmers’ Protest Blocks Traffic on Major Artery Into Warsaw”ISSN0362-4331Archived^“Os “coletes amarelos” não pararam Portugal”^“State of decay: Moscow’s rubbish prompts protests in Russia”Al Jazeera^“Irak, Serbie, Allemagne… les Gilets jaunes essaiment au-delà de nos frontières”Archived^“10,000 Taiwanese ‘yellow vests’ march in Taipei for tax reforms”Taipei TimesArchived^“Teenage girl arrested during far-right ‘yellow vest’ protests in London”Archived^“Police probe far-right ‘yellow vest’ group that intimidated Anna Soubry”ISSN0261-3077Archived^“Girl, 13, among four arrested during pro-Brexit ‘yellow vest’ protest in London”Archived^“Carbon tax supporters, opponents weigh in on 1st day of session”WCAX-TV^“No carbon tax plan yet, but lots of noise from many directions”VTDiggereditMouvement des gilets jaunes



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