XRP Triggers Signal Resulting In Nearly 80% On Average Rise Against Bitcoin – news.kuaidiantou.vip

XRP Triggers Signal Resulting In Nearly 80% On Average Rise Against Bitcoin – news.kuaidiantou.vip

Bitcoin is more bullish than ever, and Ethereum has taken center stage of the hot to trot DeFi trend. XRP, however, has remained a laggard for two years running. But all this could soon change, as a signal just triggered on the Ripple versus Bitcoin trading pair that in the past has led to an on average increase of just under 80%.

After a string of sideways price action, Ripple has fallen just enough to trigger a TD 9 “buy” setup on the TD Sequential indicator, on weekly timeframes.

The signal appears only on the Bitcoin trading pair, while the count on the USD pair just restarted. However, on daily timeframes, the USD pair triggered the same signal last week, but the upside that was expected to result is only just now beginning.

The TD Sequential indicator is a market-timing indicator, used to predict when tops or bottoms are put in. The signal comes after a sequence of candles closer higher or lower than the previous, resulting in a buy or sell setup after a count of nine or thirteen.

The tool essentially is predicting, based on meeting certain price action requirements, that a reversal is likely. And it is, according to historic price data on the XRPBTC trading pair.

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Weekly TD 9 Buy Setup Leads To Nearly 80% Returns On Average | Source: XRPBTC on TradingView.com

Since the bear market first began, XRPBTC has triggered four other “perfected” nine “buy” setups. The sell signal is “perfected” when the nine candle falls below the low point of the previous three candles, and it increases the likelihood of successful signals resulting.

The latest signal marks the fifth time XRPBTC has experienced a “TD 9 buy” on weekly timeframes, with the four previous times ranging in how strong the rally was.

The first in the series was also the first major rebound after the fall from its all-time high. XRP recovered 68% against BTC before ultimately dropping lower.

At the next low, XRP spiked over 150% against the top crypto asset. Then again fell against Bitcoin for the entire next year.

Another signal in late 2019 pushed XRP back up 57%, and the most recent signal sent the altcoin soaring 40%. Combined on average, this comes out to a potential 79% pump stemming from the TD 9 buy signal on weekly timeframes.

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Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH/USD Bulls Ready to Take-off; Price Aim for $400

Ethereum Price Prediction: ETH/USD Bulls Ready to Take-off; Price Aim for $400

ETH Price Prediction – October 19

Ethereum price has been up by almost 0.5% in the last few hours, and it is currently hovering around $380

Key Levels:

Resistance levels: $425, $435, $445

Support levels: $325, $315, $305

At the time of writing, ETH/USD is seen trading at 380.48 after touching the low of $372 at the opening hour of today. Looking at the daily chart, Ethereum (ETH) has been trying to follow in the footsteps of Bitcoin but its margin of gains has been limited this time around. ETH/USD has been moving sideways since last month but traders should continue to monitor the coin for the next direction.

ETH/USD bulls are not giving up on the mission to pull above $400 despite this month’s low of $332. Meanwhile, the second digital asset is trading at $380.48. The 9-day moving average is seen hindering the movement towards the upside. However, more resistance may likely play out at $390 before reaching the most important resistance level of $400. Any further bullish movement above the upper boundary of the channel may hit the potential resistance levels of $425, $435, and $445 respectively.

On the downside, buyers need to hold the price above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages. Otherwise, a breakdown might continue within the channel. In case of a reversal, support is anticipated at the 21-day moving average. More so, the critical supports are located around $325, $315, and $305 while the technical indicator RSI (14) is seen moving above 55-level, which may continue to give more bullish signals.

When compares with BTC, the Ethereum price remains with the channel as the coin moves sideways. ETH/BTC is currently trading at the level of 0.0326 BTC as the bulls fail to push the price above the 9-day and 21-day moving averages. Looking at the chart, if the market begins to drop below the moving averages, the next key supports may likely be at 0.0300 BTC and below.

However, considering the upside, a possible bullish cross may push the coin above the moving averages as the resistance level of 0.0350 BTC and above could be visited. Meanwhile, the RSI (14) is moving below the 50-level and this indicates a bearish momentum in the market.

Source: insidebitcoins.com


Public Corda blockchain network gets its first digital currency, XDC

Public Corda blockchain network gets its first digital currency, XDC

XDC, the first Corda Network digital currency has been launched today by Cordite Society Ltd, a co-operative society registered in the UK, who have leveraged the existing UK legal structure for mutual societies to operate a digital currency, providing the first onshore legal structure for decentralized finance.

XDC, is an exchange token, released onto the Public Corda network, a publicly-available internet of Corda nodes operated by network participants. The token enables users to buy and sell goods within the public Corda network, such as settle securities, invoices, trade finance, and more. Each node represents a legal entity, identified by a trusted identity certificate. This ensures that XDC meets the G20 sanctioned FATF standards on digital assets to mitigate AML/CTF risks, a challenge that Ethereum-based DeFi projects continue to be unable to address.

“The roll-out of XDC demonstrates that the public Corda blockchain network is suitable for enterprise and financial institutions who want to enter the DeFi space, solving the technical and regulatory challenges faced by other technologies,” said Ben Wyeth, Director of the Cordite Society and lead developer of XDC.

XDC proves that the necessary decentralized finance (DeFi) legal structure is already available for financial institutions to come together around a common goal, such as a currency or distributed exchange, like a uniswap platform. By using the Corda public network within this decentralized legal structure, projects can not only comply with AML/CTF standards but ensure transactions are kept private between parties which is a requirement in most commercial and financial settings.

XDC is an institutional-grade, enterprise-ready, and regulatory friendly digital currency. It sets out to improve on the failures of early cryptocurrencies – fixed supply, inefficient media of exchange, high transaction fees, and virtually non-existent unit of account – built on the Public Corda Network and the benefits this affords; from privacy, security and performance. With U.S. Federal Regulators announcing that U.S. national banks can hold reserves for stablecoin issuers, the XDC case study demonstrates that the Public Corda Network is a suitable choice for banks and wider CBDC projects to build upon.

“XDC is an excellent case study that demonstrates Corda’s suitability for building stablecoins, especially in the US where they have opened up the opportunity for commercial banks to create stablecoins. We are now expecting others to use the Cordite codebase to create their own stables coins or CBDCs and accelerate the adoption of those currencies.” continued Wyeth.

BCB Prime Services will provide OTC liquidity and custody services for XDC for its corporate and institutional clients. BCB Prime Services offers efficient price discovery, best execution, and seamless daily settlement in all major world fiat currencies, and all major cryptocurrencies including XDC. BCB Prime Services was the first digital asset financial services group to join the public Corda network.

Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, Founder and CEO, BCB Group, commented: “A globally scalable ‘currency’ use case of cryptocurrencies has been elusive in over a decade of innovation in this space. One of the barriers has been closer alignment with existing systems of money, regulations, and government, in a way that still preserves the decentralized ethos of the asset class. The XDC digital currency is one of a tiny handful of projects which meets all these complexity criteria and I’m excited to back this project from all angles.”

Source: www.cryptoninjas.net

XRP Triggers Signal Resulting In Nearly 80% On Average Rise Against Bitcoin – news.kuaidiantou.vip

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