What is the exchange rate of GBP (British Pound Sterling) / USD (US Dollar) on Tuesday August 4, 2020

What is the exchange rate of GBP (British Pound Sterling) / USD (US Dollar) on Tuesday August 4, 2020

GBP USD exchange rate

Ready for the mid-market exchange rate of GBP (British Pound Sterling) / USD (US Dollar) for Tuesday August 4, 2020?

The current rates for GBP (British Pound Sterling) / USD (US Dollar) are available in this article. As a top finance news site the Born2Invest team has analysed the latest forex market data to bring you live information that enables you to make the right forex trading call every day.

Tuesday August 4, 2020 1 GBP (British Pound Sterling) is 1.301126 of USD (US Dollar) .

Remember to always trade using a reputable broker. It’s also possible to apply many forex concepts to cryptocurrency trading.

Forex trading is risky and complicated. There are countless pairs to choose from and it’s easy for a novice trader to become overwhelmed. Information is power and Born2Invest has curated some beginners forex trading tips to help you get started.

Currency pairs are the foundation of forex trading. Whenever you purchase one currency you sell another. Every pair has a base currency, in this example GBP (British Pound Sterling) and a quote currency, or USD (US Dollar).

A currency pair represents how much quote currency, or USD (US Dollar), that needs to be spent in order to purchase one unit of GBP (British Pound Sterling), the base currency. In the current example you would need to spend 1.301126 of USD (US Dollar) in order to purchase 1 GBP (British Pound Sterling).

Forex pairs can be grouped into three main categories; the majors, the commodity currencies, and the cross currencies:

  • Major currencies are the most commonly traded currencies on the market. Different publications will use different criteria but pretty much every list will include EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF
  • ll Commodity currencies are currency pairs that are closely linked to commodities such as oil, iron ore, and coal. Common examples include AUD/USD and USD/CAD
  • Cross currencies include all currency pairs that don’t include USD. Examples include EUR/GBP and EUR/JPY.
  • Cryptocurrencies share many aspects with forex trading, namely the concept of currency pairs and high volatility but there are some key differences. Cryptocurrencies aren’t currencies persae, and are usually traded against Bitcoin, which takes the role of USD on many exchanges.

    It is also difficult to trade cryptocurrency outside of exchanges and there is more security risk than trading with a registered broker. One way around this is to use a CFD broker which enable traders to purchase contractors for specific amounts of crypto, without directly owning it.

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    Binance Coin Up 20% on DeFi IEO Hype; Pullback Ahead?

    Binance Coin Up 20% on DeFi IEO Hype; Pullback Ahead?

  • Binance’s native token BNB surged by more than 20 percent after its CEO Changpeng Zhao announced his plans to launch an in-house decentralized finance product.
  • The BNB/USD exchange rate on Sunday established its quarter-to-date high at $22.94.
  • It is now looking to extend its upside momentum towards $27, according to many crypto-analysts.
  • BNB, the native token of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, has surged by more than 20 percent following July 24, 2020.

    It is the same date on which Binance’s CEO, Changpeng Zhao, announced that they would launch an initial exchange offering round to fund their upcoming decentralized finance project. An Initial Exchange Offering (or IEO), allows startups to raise funds by selling their utility/security tokens at an exchange.

    Alright guys, you know who to blame… Joking 😆#DeFiEO soon, soon. https://t.co/saDf1Gk9xw

    Meanwhile, decentralized finance (or DeFi) tends to recreate traditional financial instruments, such as lending and staking, in a distributed architecture.

    Mr. Zhao’s declaration appeared at the time when tokens backed by a plethora of DeFi projects were logging stunning price gains. Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network, for instance, saw its native asset, LINK, surge by more than 80 percent in the running quarter.

    The announcement also surfaced almost a week after Binance underwent its 12th token burn event. On July 20, the exchange destroyed 3,477,388 BNB, equivalent to US$60.5 million at that time, thereby permanently removing them from circulation.

    That also increased BNB’s bullish prospects based on the classic demand-supply dynamics.

    Between July 20 until this time of writing, the BNB/USD exchange rate has surged roughly by 25 percent.

    binance coin, cryptocurrency, bnbusd, bnbusdt, cryptocurrency, bnbbtc

    The pair’s upside also took it above a crucial technical resistance, as shown via a red descending trendline in the chart above. The falling slope kept BNB from establishing a full-fledged breakout to the north. But with it now broken, the cryptocurrency’s ability to continue its bull run increased.

    At least that is what hardcore BNB traders say. One of them stated that BNB could extend its uptrend towards $25, a level it last tested in August 2020. The others even projected the cryptocurrency at its all-time high valuation of $43.

    Their reasons were straightforward: a DeFi IEO, combined with the token burn events, should push BNB to higher price levels.

    Binance Coin, on a technical perimeter known as the Relative Strength Index (RSI), stands overbought. Assets whose RSI readings go above 70 tend to correct lower to neutralize their overall sentiment.

    Therefore, it is likely for BNB to face higher selling pressure near the normal resistance levels, starting at $23.85. If price moves above the said level, then the asset would face a similar corrective pressure at $27.51.

    This post was originally published on www.newsbtc.com

    Source: www.cryptoalphanews.com

    Author: cm_team

    Check Out Over 100 Yellow Card Voucher Agents in Nigeria Where You Can Buy Bitcoin With Voucher

    Check Out Over 100 Yellow Card Voucher Agents in Nigeria Where You Can Buy Bitcoin With Voucher

    Last Updated on August 3, 2020 at 9:55 pm

    Yellow card vocuher agents in nigeria

    Four years ago, buying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were a bit technical to some interested individuals.

    Today, that’s gone. You can now buy bitcoin with cash at hand or exchange voucher with BTC. Thanks to yellow card.

    In this post, we’ll share with you the over 100 yellow card agents spread across Nigeria where you can easily purchase yellow card vouchers in exchange for BTC.

    Don’t get it twisted! Yellow card here isn’t related to the usual international certificate of vaccination (ICV) that is issued by the World Health Organization.

    While Carte Jaune is “is recognised internationally and may be required for entry to certain countries where there are increased health risks for travellers”, yellow card here means bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related business through which you get access to your own secured bitcoin wallet and transact using crypto.

    It is a platform that has brought bitcoin into the doorsteps of Nigerians who are interested in investing in cryptocurrency through purchase and sales.

    As you may have known, Nigeria is one of the biggest markets for cryptocurrency despite some security challenges.

    Apart from the yellow card agents where you can buy vouchers, another easiest way is to download the yellow card app and start buying bitcoin using your debit card.

    It offers you the ability to purchase of cryptocurrencies online using a bank transfer or ATM card using naira.

    With cash in your hand, enter any of the agents in your state to buy yellow card voucher.

    In Lagos, the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria, the crypto firm has more than 80 sale agents.

    9, Ibiyinka Olorunbe,

    Victoria Island,

    Lagos, Nigeria

    Felix Nwosu

    Felix Nwosu


    Aba, Abia state

    Name: Felix Nwosu

    Phone: +2348090204020

    Coraysa Nigeria (registered name with CAC)

    Taylor Samuel O

    Positive step academy, after day-by-day private school, off bakori road, kubwa, Abuja

    Kubwa, Abuja

    Name: Coraysa Nigeria (registered name with CAC)

    Phone: +2348093468554

    Tollyclassic World Nig Ltd

    Augustine Offor

    Behind AMAC along New site Estate road Lubge FCT Abuja

    Abuja, FCT


    Phone: +2348065746800

    Eturo Itok

    Itoro Etuk

    151 Abak Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

    nil, Uyo

    Name: Eturo Itok

    Phone: +2347032228272

    Millesoft Coin

    Paul Etabunor

    Odafe Street 07, Osubi

    Okpe, Delta State

    Name: Millesoft Coin

    Phone: +2348148305211

    Osemare Destiny Onosetale

    Nigeria, Edo state


    Name: Osemare Destiny Onosetale

    Phone: +2347065204232


    Kayode Timilehin Pander

    No 34, comfort hostel, iworoko, ekiti, Nigeria

    Ekiti, Ekiti

    Name: Pinvest

    Phone: +2349067913278


    Plot 350A, Transaerodrome Layout, Emene, Enugu

    Emene, Enugu

    Mubanad Ventures

    Bankole Abdulmalik

    Iyana ilogno,Oko Afo

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Mubanad Ventures

    Phone: +2347041649028

    Dominion frozen food

    Amaka Nwabuokei

    20,balogun oyero street ketu ikosi owodunni

    Kosofe, Lagos

    Name: Dominion frozen food

    Phone: +2347032680036

    Timothy Ventures

    Timothy Samaiye

    Badagry Round about

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Timothy Ventures

    Phone: +2348039289991


    Kehinde Adeyinka

    2 , Amikanle Road, Alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: Kaysat

    Phone: +2348181502341

    Emma Ventures

    Emmanuel Adeyeye

    18, Ramon Sanni Street, off, AIT, Alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: Emma Ventures

    Phone: +2347011781669

    Dm Accessories

    Micheal Austine Agina

    108, Ait road, alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: Dm Accessories

    Phone: +2348080067168

    New day Communication

    Abiodun Ibrahim

    Kilometre 42 Oko Afo Badagry Express way

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: New day Communication

    Phone: +2348141610000


    Oluwaseyi Ayobami

    No 1, olajide street, oko-filling,Alagbado, Lagos.

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: Stushnetwork

    Phone: +2349093369640

    Wonder ways

    Toro Wonderful

    11, Ramon Sanni Street, off Aiit , Alagbado,Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: Wonder ways

    Phone: +2348143219075

    Soa Jewels

    Saliu Asana

    2, Ali Omotay Close, Oregun, Ikeja Lagos

    ikeja, Lagos

    Name: Soa Jewels

    Phone: +2348034025778

    DAR/ Dabb resource

    Isiaka oluwaseun

    No 29, ketu shopping complex,ketu

    Kososfe, Lagos

    Name: DAR/ Dabb resource

    Phone: +2348121325063

    Ario Temitope Ventrures

    Ario Temitope Victor

    Muwo Bustop

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Ario Temitope Ventrures

    Phone: +2349015159297

    Macjones Ventures

    Macjones Ugochukwu

    45, Onitsha street off Awolowo way, balogun bustop Ikeja

    Ikeja, Lagos

    Name: Macjones Ventures

    Phone: +2348062911128

    Yo-yo Tech Int’l

    Okumor Jonah

    15 Train Street Oko Afo

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Yo-yo Tech Int’l

    Phone: +2348099335988

    DareGod Business Centre

    Olanrewaju Damilare

    57, Opebi Road, Ikeja , Lagos

    Ikeja, Lagos

    Name: DareGod Business Centre

    Phone: +2348179402302

    Popoola Tolani Michael

    Jabi Abuja

    Abuja, Abuja

    Name: Popoola Tolani Michael

    Phone: +2348100650191

    Olayinka Dosumu

    21, Arewa Street, Ijora Badia, Lagos State

    Ajeromi ifelodu, Lagos

    Name: Olayinka Dosumu

    Phone: +2348173900498

    Topez solution.

    Oladosu Opepluwa

    Adisa Akintol Street, Behind 3 bees event centre, Tipper Bustop, Ketu, Lagos State

    Kosofe, Lagos

    Name: Topez solution.

    Phone: +2348135530001

    abby-links communications

    Oromade jabez

    47A,aina aladi street, alagbado,lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: abby-links communications

    Phone: +2348107469220

    premier lotto

    Obikoya Ebenezer

    1, Fadiya Street ketu lagos

    Kosofe, Lagos

    Name: premier lotto

    Phone: +2348089423423


    Egbejule Tonye Joel

    Dokiri Quarters Oko Afo Badagry

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Kajadexpress

    Phone: +2347036499215

    Spread electronics

    Olawale Matthew bamigbolayin

    10, Oshitelu Street, Computer village, Ikeja, Lagos State

    Ikeja, Lagos

    Name: Spread electronics

    Phone: +2348095998244

    Ikufomba Enterprise

    Joseph Ufomba

    3rd [email protected] eliozu flyover by ABC transport company

    Port Harcourt, Rivers State

    Name: Ikufomba Enterprise

    Phone: +2347050336964

    Premium Global resource

    Toyin Philips

    14, Old Otta road, Oko filling, Alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Nathaniel Odunsi

    6, peter king street, Ilogbo, oko-afo, badagry.

    Badagry, Lagos

    Arab Ventures

    Abdulah Sado

    No 1 Ibrahim Street Oko Afo

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Arab Ventures

    Phone: +2348122692296

    Ibikunle Ayomide

    18, Kajole road, ayetuntun, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: Ibikunle Ayomide

    Phone: +2348029766466

    Adebayo Temitope Ventures

    Adeboye Temitope

    Ilorin, Kwara state

    Name: Adebayo Temitope Ventures

    Phone: +2348055827891

    Empire Enterprise

    Nabena Stephen

    Godonu Junction, Age Muwo, Badagry

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Empire Enterprise

    Phone: +2348148231211

    Clement Abraham

    21 Ekoro Road, Flagship Petrol station, Ise-oluwa B/Stop, Agbelekale, Abulegba Lago

    Abule egba, Lagos

    Name: Clement Abraham

    Phone: +2347030146576

    David Newton

    not yet provided needs follow ip

    Ejigbo, Lagos

    Name: David Newton

    Phone: +2348086354973

    Seedfaith realities

    Gift Ekemu

    Block 5, Suit 7, Olugbede Market

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: Seedfaith realities

    Phone: +2349033262668

    Collins Brown

    Ugwuodo Chika Collins

    No. 4 UNN Road, Obollo- Afor

    Nsuka, Enugu

    Name: Collins Brown

    Phone: +2349037545165

    Prince Leo

    33,old otta road, oko filling , Alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: Prince Leo

    Phone: +2347030287160

    Emma Venture

    Meshack Ehiosun

    Okiki Melon Street Iyese

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Emma Venture

    Phone: +2348100197696

    Schoolclient Technology

    Nwanya Emmanuel

    1B, Estsate Road, Off AIT road, Alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: Schoolclient Technology

    Phone: +2348166117739

    Gebatone Ventures

    Akinola Oluwaseun

    ilogbo road Muwo

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Gebatone Ventures

    Phone: +2348062250773

    Adetutu Ventures

    Adeola Adetutu

    Shop 25,Monvee Plaza,Number 116,Isitu Rd,Olukanmi Busstop,Egan,Lagos.

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: Adetutu Ventures

    Phone: +2348108129687

    Angels Touch

    Angela Ruth

    18, Obasa street, AIT road, alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: Angels Touch

    Phone: +2348136876187

    Ugochukwu Venture

    Jude Ugochukwu

    8 Phil birth college, Agurmur, Oko Afo, Badagry Local Government

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Ugochukwu Venture

    Phone: +2349046035750

    Molad communications

    Adebayo Rasheed

    3,balogun oyero street ikosi ketu

    Kosofe, Lagos

    Name: Molad communications

    Phone: +2348103619194

    Starlite Enterpirise

    Madunagu Mercy

    No 13, Yakubu, Hassan Street,

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Starlite Enterpirise

    Phone: +2347062739927

    Favour of God Venture

    Christopher Ebesunu

    6, Iyese baale , Oko Afo, Badagry

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Favour of God Venture

    Phone: +2348164204074

    bigotaste enterprises

    Becky gold

    11b,oluwakemi street, estate, alapere road, Lagos

    Kosofe, Lagos

    Folorunso Ayodeji

    Olorunbe Street Iju Ishaga Agege Lagos

    Agege, Lagos

    Joskem prolific venture

    Elugbindin oluwakemi

    62,agidi road alapere

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Esosa Omoruyi

    11, Ekeh Street, Ojodu Berger, Lagos

    Ikeja, Lagos


    Oluwatoyin Titcombe

    Idowu Babafemi street, off AIT road, Alaggbado , Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Ikirigbe Israel

    Victoria Island

    nil, Lagos

    Tony Gbenga Enterprises

    Tola Nelson

    Ilogbo Health Centre, Ilogbo oko Afo

    Badagry, Lagos

    Adress marvelous enterprises

    Omobolanle Akinpelu Mary

    No1 Akadewla street ikosi ketu

    Kosofe, Lagos

    FMBJ GLOBAL Company

    Omalere Deborah

    Ilogbo Bustop, Muwo

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: FMBJ GLOBAL Company

    Phone: +2347061946186

    hopetrendy word

    Abioye olaniyi

    9 ,ashipa road opposite roboi fluing station ashipa ayobo

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Herickson Global

    Henry Okoro

    58, Nvuigwe road, Woji, Portharcourt

    obia kpor, Rivers State

    Plato Nigeria Enterprise

    Ovu-ibikoro Plato

    No 2 Felix Aderi Tedi Town ,Lagos

    Ojo, Lagos

    Alimi Tairu Enterprise

    Alimi Tairu

    23, Abalawa bus stop, Amikanle

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Billzweb Enterprises

    Emeka Obi

    Aspamda Market, Trade Fair Internation, Ojo , Lagos

    Ojo, Lagos

    Clinton’s Graphics.

    Enonena confidence

    1, ogabi street.. ilowolo…ikorod, Road.

    Kosofe, Lagos

    Emma depot

    Adeyeye Emmanuel

    18, abdulramon sanni street,off AIT road,alagbado,Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    express venture

    Gladys Echeozo

    2 abati close akowonjo, Egbeda Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Name: express venture

    Phone: +2348135189596

    Bankole Amupitan

    17 Kafi street Alausa ikeja

    Ikeja, Lagos

    Gods Star Ventures

    Alfred Peter

    1, Ibijoke Street,Oregun,ikeja

    Ikeja, Lagos

    Cena Ventures

    Augustina Olise

    Foundation Bustop Oko Afo

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: Cena Ventures

    Phone: +2348064552312

    Shegllon communication

    Olusegun Oluwole

    3, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos State

    Ikeja, Lagos

    Point Group Entreprises

    Olushola Emmanuel

    No 1 ahishu street iyesi baale oko Afo

    Badagry, Lagos

    PeeTees Business Centre

    Ige Vincent

    68 Demurin street ketu

    Kosofe, Lagos

    Sherman ventures

    Ishola Babatunde

    1, elebiju junction, off demurin ketu

    Kosofe, Lagos

    Owolabi bright Ventures

    Oluwa Bright

    No 1, Alh Ayinke close, off Ait road, Alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Home Affairs Properties

    Micheal Esosa Omoruyi

    46 Kudirat Abiola way , Oregun, Ikeja, Lagos

    Ikeja, Lagos

    Joo DeC

    Jamiu Onafowokan

    69, Amikanle Road, Alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Adebayo Abiodun

    6b, hogan Bassey crescent ,iyanapaja , Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Vinservices Nig

    Vincent Meninwa

    PMG Supermarket, Cafeteria 2001, new Hall University of Lagos, Yaba

    Lagos Mainland, Lagos

    jicmarg ventures

    Osikoya Victor

    16 palace road ilogbo eremi, Badagry

    Badagry, Lagos

    Mirah & Midah Ventures

    Owodeyi Rasaq

    7 Constain Road Mile 10 Ojo Local Government

    Ojo, Lagos

    jejelaye ventures

    Ganiu Mysifi

    palace road off garri factory Ilogbo eremi oko Afo

    Badagry, Lagos

    Name: jejelaye ventures

    Phone: +2347063412986

    Prince AdeJohnson

    Ajisebutu Complex, 10, Lagos Road, Behind BRT bus Terminal, Ikorodu Garage, Lagos.

    Ikorodu, Lagos

    Name: Prince AdeJohnson

    Phone: +2348098066835

    Upward Telecoms

    Julius Azubieke

    19,Ikosi road, Oregun,Ikeja

    Ikeja, Lagos

    Name: Upward Telecoms

    Phone: +2348061620004

    Adunni Money

    Akanni Oluwabukola

    2, ayetobi bus stop, amikanle, alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Express service

    Adegunloye Seyi

    8, off AIT road, Alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    School Client Technology

    Emmanuel Fadare

    1B,Estate Road, Amikanle, Alagbado, Lagos

    Alimosho, Lagos

    Sunshine cosmetic

    Ezugwu Sunday

    Ogba Bustop, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos

    Ikeja, Lagos

    Az ventures

    Azeez Kadiri

    Check point Bustop

    Badabgry, Lagos

    Name: Az ventures

    Phone: +2348029476842

    Seygency Enterprise

    Adeyeye Oluwaseyi

    2 Moses Adebisi street, oshogun, Ketu, Lagos.

    Kosofe, Lagos

    Agbeke Venture

    Adeseun Omobolanle

    Opposite ja Micheal along Badagry Express way

    Badagry, Lagos


    Nwokoro Chelsea

    1 Third Avenue Okeira Oko Afo

    Badagry, Lagos

    Enobest network

    Innocent chigbu

    8, Agboyi road, alapere

    Kosofe, Lagos

    Emcee Shop

    Matthew Olatunbosun

    63, June 12 Complex, Panseke, Abeokuta, Ogun State

    Abeokuta, Ogun

    Name: Emcee Shop

    Phone: +2348059590041

    Topmacs Integrated Service

    Dare Marcus Olamide

    No 8 Lawrence oyekwuru off asbestos bustop ayetoro

    Ogun State, Lagos

    Isaac Boakye

    Bundu waterfront

    nil, River State

    Name: Isaac Boakye

    Phone: +2348159533365

    Lekkingbrown Crypto asset management

    Adewole Femi

    St’peters Anglican Church, shop 13 Shopping complex,

    Osun, osun-state

    Name: Lekkingbrown Crypto asset management

    Phone: +2348130976719

    Adewumi Kehinde


    Osogbo, Osun

    Name: Adewumi Kehinde

    Phone: +2348104739435

    Ebenezer Idowu


    Modomo, Osun-State

    Name: Ebenezer Idowu

    Final thought:

    Above all, the most convenient way to buy bitcoin through yellow card is to download the company’s app from Google Play store and buy bitcoin with naira using your debit card. It also makes it easy to convert your bitcoin to Naira.

    Source: infomediang.com

    Author: Ope Quadri

    INX Scales Down US IPO Target to $127M – Still Set to Be Crypto’s Largest - CoinDesk

    INX Scales Down US IPO Target to $127M – Still Set to Be Crypto’s Largest – CoinDesk


    Source: www.americancryptoassociation.com

    What is the exchange rate of GBP (British Pound Sterling) / USD (US Dollar) on Tuesday August 4, 2020

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