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Goldman Sachs Picks 2 Electric Car Stocks to Buy (And 1 to Watch)

Reducing carbon emissions is all the vogue among the green policy wonks these days, and whether you believe in the efficacy of those policies or not, one thing is undeniable: they will have an impact on your daily life. Specifically, they will impact the cars you drive – and probably your fuel and electric bills as well.It’s no secret that the Trump Administration has favored the oil and gas industry, and in fact, gasoline prices have declined during the past four years. The incoming Biden Administration is expected to look far more favorably on green policies, particularly the electrification of the automobile fleet. Electric vehicles have been with us for a while, and some models are achieving popularity and driver approval. The next step will be a governmental push, via policy, to make EVs cheaper to build, more affordable to buy, and more practical on the road.In a recent report from Goldman Sachs, the investment giant foresees global sales of electric vehicles hitting 1.8 million units this year, with 8.3 million by 2025 and an impressive 34 million by 2035. The result of this will be a reduction in the conventional car/electric car ratio of 18%.With this in mind, Goldman’s stock analysts are tapping two electric vehicle companies which are likely to succeed in the climate of the next four years – and one to watch from the sidelines. We’ve used the TipRanks database to get a better sense of what other Wall Street analysts think about the trio. Li Auto (LI)Li Auto is one of the myriad EV production companies that has cropped up in China in recent years. The Chinese domestic car market should not be overlooked – the country has a population near 1.4 billion, with some 800 million in the urban areas, and as a whole, China is rapidly growing wealthier. Li specializes in plug-in hybrids, which combine combustion engines and an electric drive train – and are especially useful in a country with a limited EV charging network. Li first model, the Li ONE, was put on the market in November of last year, and by this past October, the company had sold over 22,000 cars. That month, the sales volume hit 3,700, making the Li ONE China’s best-selling electric vehicle model. This company is a newcomer to the US stock markets, having held its IPO at the end of July this year. Share debuted on the market at $11.50, higher than the initial projected range. Since the IPO, shares in LI have gained 173%. Covering Li Auto for Goldman Sachs, analyst Fei Fang writes, “We believe Li Auto is differentiating itself from the broader Chinese auto-making industry by envisioning and creating compelling EV consumer experiences – and showing a willingness to take on the risk of unconventional technologies and act innovatively… driving transformations that will lead the long-term adoption of EVs in China. We view Li ONE as the first step in a larger innovation plan that will provide…


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