Many Bitcoin Developers Are Choosing to Use Pseudonyms – For Good Reason – CoinDesk

Many Bitcoin Developers Are Choosing to Use Pseudonyms – For Good Reason - CoinDesk

Being able to minimize what other people know about you is literally the theme of the first paragraph of the Bitcoin white paper.



Counter-Strike Superstars to Play in Crypto-Powered Tournament

Counter-Strike Superstars to Play in Crypto-Powered Tournament

Esports superstars of the popular first-person-shooter game Counter-Strike will participate in a crypto-powered tournament where fans will be able to bet with crypto tokens. 

The tournament is sponsored by Verasity — an attention based platform for video, gaming and entertainment rewards with a native VRA token.

The tournament will feature Nathan Schmitt (NBK) and Asia’s best player Kevin Susanto (Xccurate), who according to the press release, have two million fans worldwide. Verasity has signed a long-term deal with the players agents. The company is also in the process of obtaining a gambling license in Curaçao.

The concept of the VRA token sounds a lot like the Brave browser’s Basic Attention Token (BAT), however, the company CEO RJ Mark Hain told Cointelegraph that VRA has some major advantages over its better-known competitor — it is environment agnostic and 100% of the revenue goes to the content creator.

Hain said, “The publisher has to get on board with using BAT for getting monetization by those rewards. What we do is entirely different. We don’t have anything to do with a browser. If you work for a large publication like Bloomberg, Bloomberg has a video player which is powered by Brightcove. […] And Bloomberg wants to have a reward, whether it be Crypto or anything else. They take our SDK, it takes them about a half hour to install it, and then they control the monetization of all of that, of everything that goes on inside of that video player and ad stack for themselves.”

According to Hain, Verasity is trying to capitalize on the COVID-19 induced e-gaming boom. However, in the future, they may expand to other games like chess and even globally popular sports like soccer and basketball.


The US Just Made THE LARGEST PURCHASE of Bitcoin Miners in History! Cryptocurrency News Online 2020

The US Just Made THE LARGEST PURCHASE of Bitcoin Miners in History! Cryptocurrency News Online 2020

Is Bitcoin mining still profitable? What companies mine Bitcoin? Well, new Bitcoin mining machines JUST hit the US as a major US firm inks deal w/ Bitmain. Altcoin Daily brings YOU the latest cryptocurrency news in the US!

Your support is massive! And, as bitcoin options just expired, we bring YOU the best Bitcoin news in the US in 2020! Watch the whole video.

I’m noticing for those who were not exposed to a digital world as a child there’s a chasm to cross, it’s the fear of “putting real money into a digital number that a piece of software says I own”. Gen-Z and Millennials don’t have this problem, they’re 51% of the US right now. /1

— Willy Woo (@woonomic) June 27, 2020

Shelley will hopefully launch in less than 2 weeks. Very exciting! It’s a small step for #IOHK, one giant leap for #crypto. What do you think ?

— Weiss Crypto Ratings (@WeissCrypto) June 27, 2020

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Decred Co-Founder Calls PayPal and Crypto ‘An Odd Combination’

Decred Co-Founder Calls PayPal and Crypto ‘An Odd Combination’


Decred’s co-founder said cryptocurrencies may not fit PayPal’s model.

PayPal could be gearing up to work with crypto assets, according to recent rumblings, although Decred co-founder Jake Yocom-Piatt is unsure of those rumors’ validity.

“It’s hard to say whether these are rumors or not regarding PayPal accepting cryptocurrencies soon,” Yocom-Piatt told Cointelegraph via email correspondence when asked about the rumors. 

Recent news showed PayPal seeking to fill crypto and blockchain-related job positions, while rumors circulated of the platform listing crypto assets.

Although the addition would bring digital assets greater availability, Yocom-Piatt added that the move would not line up with PayPal’s system. “PayPal, specifically, is notorious for depriving its users of access to legitimately-acquired funds on their platform with little to no justification,” he said.  

“Users having their funds restricted in this fashion is something cryptocurrencies are designed to prevent, making this integration, if it is indeed in progress, an odd combination,” the Decred co-founder noted.

A report several months ago showed difficulties around users’ PayPal payments, based on different terms flagging transactions and stalling them. “PayPal, along with its subsidiary Venmo, uses a system that automatically flags keywords in the payment memo field that could indicate a violation of U.S. sanctions,” Slate said in the February 2020 article. 

The scene around such term flagging remains a difficult conundrum, as security and protection remain important, as is monetary freedom. Although not money-related, a similar situation has plagued the crypto-YouTuber community in recent months, as many top channels suffered bans as a result of content flagging. 

Bitcoin, crypto’s pioneer asset, at its core, serves as a method of value transfer and storage, away from governmental control. Users can hold and transfer value themselves, without authorities directly swaying the value of the global, non-governmental asset.

In contrast, payment services such as PayPal use government currencies inside controlled parameters. 

“A fiat payment platform notorious for depriving access to funds would be adding support for cryptocurrencies, which are notorious for have no restrictions on funds,” Yocom-Piatt said following up his comment of crypto and PayPal as an odd mix.

The future will tell whether or not PayPal will add the new asset class. 

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Many Bitcoin Developers Are Choosing to Use Pseudonyms – For Good Reason - CoinDesk

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