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Crypto Trader Says Five Low-Cap Projects Could Skyrocket in Next Bitcoin Bull Run

Crypto Trader Says Five Low-Cap Projects Could Skyrocket in Next Bitcoin Bull Run

Crypto analyst Lark Davis says he’s tracking five low-cap altcoin projects that could witness huge rallies in the near future.

The first, Injective Protocol (INJ), is a universal decentralized exchanging protocol that offers cross-chain derivative trading of spot markets and futures markets, according to Davis. The analyst says it is going to be “super fast” and “super cheap” to make trades on Injective, unlike other decentralized exchanges with large fees. Injective is backed by Binance and has teamed up with Chainlink for price feeds.

UniLend (UFT) is a decentralized protocol that combines spot trading and money markets with lending/borrowing services. Davis says it can list any Ethereum-based token, “opening up billions in liquidity.”

“UniLend has a $2 million market cap. This is super low cap stuff here, guys. The most similar competitor to UniLend is probably Aave, which has about a $400 million market cap, so that would be a 200x move if UniLend ever got such a high market cap. That’s a lot of upside.” 

Rarible (RARI) is a decentralized and community-owned marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Davis says the rise in popularity of NFTs has been the second-biggest trend of 2020 after decentralized finance (DeFi). Traders can earn RARI for using the Rarible marketplace – and Davis says they should be looking to earn them rather than buy them. However, he says there is still potentially a good case to be made for buying RARI.

PowerTrade (PTF) is an upcoming Bitcoin options trading platform with a focus on the mobile retail trader. The product hasn’t launched yet but it has the backing of major players like Pantera as well as the founders of CoinGecko, Kyber and Synthetix, according to Davis. Currently, the platform is scheduled to go live in Q4 of this year, and when it does, Davis predicts the PowerTrade Fuel token will see a nice bump in price.

“The Bitcoin options markets are massive – billions and billions of dollars. Really big markets. But most of the options markets today cater to big institutional players. The small traders – they’re not catered for and they remain a largely untapped market.”

Wootrade is an upcoming trading platform that will be offering zero fees and deep liquidity for big money traders. It’s being launched by Kronos, which is one of the largest quant trading firms in Asia. The platform is currently in closed beta but a dozen institutions involved in the beta are already providing it with good volume, Davis notes.

The WOO token will enable zero-fee trading and functions as a governance token. It’s not yet listed on any exchange but Wootrade will have a token sale on October 29th.

The popular YouTuber cautions that all low-cap projects are risky and could tumble to zero, but he says he does like the chances of these five.

“I think that these five low-cap cryptocurrencies stand a pretty gosh darn good chance to make some big returns for investors as they’re tapping into some hot niches. They have big backers and massive upside potential.” 



TOP 5 CRYPTOS TO BUY IN NOVEMBER 2020 - Ethereum, Cardano, Zcash, BCH, Bitcoin

TOP 5 CRYPTOS TO BUY IN NOVEMBER 2020 – Ethereum, Cardano, Zcash, BCH, Bitcoin


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Crypto Capital Manager Claims Failed Altcoin Promises Won’t Be Forgotten

Crypto Capital Manager Claims Failed Altcoin Promises Won’t Be Forgotten

Bitcoin recently exploded above $13,000 and came dollars way from setting a higher high and confirming a new uptrend. Altcoins, however, haven’t responded as well, and one cryptocurrency capital manager has a theory as to why.

Su Zhu believes that because most altcoins haven’t delivered on the promises from three years ago, that when Bitcoin breaks out into a new bull market, newcomers and investors from the last cycle won’t be so easily duped again.

The illiquid and low market cap assets began to explode in valuations as money poured in without a second thought about what it was and if it had value. What it did have, was promise.

More and more promise also poured into the market to catch the wave of money coming in, and an explosion of ICOs created thousands of more crypto projects.

Most coins, ultimately dropped 99% or more when the bubble popped, with only altcoins with a shred of promise hanging on to some of their gains.

Crypto capital manager, Su Zhu, a veteran in the industry, claims that newcomers won’t fall for the same act again.

ppl who expect dominance (flawed a metric as it is) to get anywhere near 2017 lows forget that pretty much everything nonBTC has now exhibited 3yrs of failed promises and anti-lindyness

this fact will not be lost on newcomers when they contemplate what to buy

— Su Zhu (@zhusu) October 27, 2020

Too many crypto projects are now defunct, have exit scammed, or are too worthless for investors to even consider if another bull market begins. Newer coins, as DeFi has shown, will always be the most attractive in a speculative assets class.

Negative sentiment surrounding XRP or Litecoin, for example, have kept them underperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum, while Chainlink has exploded into the top ten.

bitcoin chainlink xrp ethereum litecoin

Chainklink shows shiny and new is still best in crypto | Source: LINKUSD on

Chainlink, however, is an example that not all new projects are empty promises, and the DeFi trend itself could prove Zhu’s theory incorrect.

While a full bull run isn’t here, uneducated investors will likely once again buy up the excrement left behind, as they just were while DeFi was at its hottest. Food-named coins fresh out of the oven surged, then in a flash left late investors burned.

The scenario sounds all too familiar and could suggest that when there’s a bull market in a speculative asset class, there’s no stopping dumb and money from being departed.

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Ripple General Counsel Says Company Not 'Fleeing' US As Debate on XRP Regulatory Clarity Heats Up

Ripple General Counsel Says Company Not ‘Fleeing’ US As Debate on XRP Regulatory Clarity Heats Up

Ripple’s general counsel is responding to speculation on the payments startup’s potential plans to leave the US.

In a discussion on Twitter, Stuart Alderoty explains why Ripple is examining a move overseas.

“We’re a proud US company but we don’t have a cohesive regulatory framework here. That keeps market participants guessing. Regulation consistently applied should yield predictable results.”

Alderoty also responds to comments from Compound general counsel Jake Cherinsky, who said he’s shocked that the company is taking a hard look at “fleeing” America.

“Jake, we’re not ‘fleeing’… Too many smart lawyers – like you – are left reading tea leaves.”

Ripple has cited the UK as a possible destination for the billion-dollar company, which is currently headquartered in San Francisco. The company, which owns more than half of the total supply of XRP, has pointed to what it perceives as regulatory clarity on the crypto asset from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

However, Chervinsky says he doesn’t think crypto regulations in the UK are really that clear, especially in light of recent actions taken by the agency against the trading of crypto derivatives.

“The FCA’s categories didn’t provide ‘clarity.’ They just banned crypto derivatives last week, a much more severe action that any taken in the US. The categories aren’t even accurate anymore, based on recent developments in the industry. ‘Regulatory clarity’ has become a meme.

Categorizing assets provides no ‘regulatory clarity’ if it’s unclear which assets fit into which category & what financial services are allowed across all categories. The SEC takes it very seriously as well, & both regulators’ guidance leaves them a lot of room to move around.”

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has cited a number of areas that the company may relocate to, including the UK, Singapore, Japan, Switzerland, and UAE.



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