Dominic Cummings to depart Downing Road by Christmas

Dominic Cummings to depart Downing Road by Christmas

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings is about to depart the federal government by Christmas, based on stories.

The Vote Go away mastermind informed the BBC that “rumours of me threatening to resign are invented”, after hypothesis he was set to face down circled this week.

However he stated that his “place hasn’t modified since my January weblog” when he stated he needed to make himself “largely redundant” by the top of the yr.

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Authorities sources informed the BBC that Cummings can be passed by Christmas.

Cummings’ impending exit will observe his former Vote Go away colleague Lee Cain who resigned because the Prime Minister’s head of communications this week after dropping out in a Downing Road energy battle.

Cain had reportedly been provided a job because the Prime Minister’s chief of workers however the job supply reportedly sparked consternation amongst political opponents inside the authorities and as an alternative he ended up tendering his resignation.

Cain is about to step down in December and will likely be changed as director of communications by James Slack — a former Each day Mail journalist and one in all Johnson’s spokesmen.

Ex-journalist Allegra Stratton is about to tackle a job presenting the federal government’s new each day televised press briefings.

Cummings was appointed as Johnson’s senior adviser when Johnson took the job as prime minister in 2019 and helped mastermind the profitable 2019 election marketing campaign.

He hit the headlines for the incorrect causes earlier this yr after it emerged that in March he drove his household from London to Durham whereas struggling suspected Covid-19 signs on the peak of the primary nationwide lockdown.

Johnson ignored calls to sack his chief aide who gave a weird press convention within the Rose Backyard of Downing Road in Could to defend his actions.

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Vape news: Microsoft forced to respond to viral videos of smoke billowing out of Xbox Series X

Vape news: Microsoft forced to respond to viral videos of smoke billowing out of Xbox Series X

Anytime a company has to start a tweet with “We can’t believe we have to say this,” you just know you’re in for some real 2020-level nonsense. Microsoft’s Xbox division did just that on Wednesday in response to viral videos that show smoke coming out of the top of its newly released Xbox Series X.

The tech giant waded into a meme-filled mess apparently started by internet trolls who hoped to make it look like Microsoft’s next-generation gaming console was catching fire. In actuality, it seems like users are blowing vape smoke into the $500 console and recording the effect as smoke billows from the top of the black tower above the device’s internal fan.

At least one video on Twitter has attracted millions of views — and a whole host of replies ranging from hilarious to horrible.

“Please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X,” Microsoft tweeted at the masses.


— Arek Adamowicz (@Arek_Adamowicz) November 11, 2020

We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not blow vape smoke into your Xbox Series X.

— Xbox (@Xbox) November 11, 2020

Another video walks viewers through how the hoax could be pulled off and shows vape smoke being blown near the bottom of the console that makes its way out of the top.


Os dejo un video MIO explicando porque es Fake lo de la consola “Quemada” y como han logrado este efecto incluso estando la consola “APAGADA”

— Xbox Studio (@XboxStudio) November 11, 2020

Beyond its tweet, Microsoft said in a statement, “We take all product safety reports seriously and our products meet or exceed industry standards. We are in the process of investigating further.”

The entire ordeal comes at a time when trusting what we see on the internet is a major, ongoing concern. But other tech giant’s are dealing with real issues around devices actually catching fire. Amazon-owned Ring, for example, announced this week that it is recalling 350,000 of its video doorbells after reports that the security devices could pose a fire hazard when installed improperly.

While we wait for the smoke to clear on this apparent non-issue for Xbox, check out some more of the reaction:

Nintendo: Don’t lick the catridges

Xbox: Don’t vape inside your Xbox

wonder what idiotic thing Sony will have to warn against

— Terence ‘The Duke Of Videogames’ Wiggins (@TheBlackNerd) November 12, 2020

Xbox 360

more lke

Dank Box 420


— Steven Spohn (Spawn) (@stevenspohn) November 12, 2020

— jeehaisse (@jeehaisse) November 11, 2020

What about the environment?
Not cool microsoft smh

— 🐧Zorah is waiting for elden ring 😔 (@MrZoro55r) November 11, 2020


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Congresspeople Claim OCC Is Too Focused On Crypto

Congresspeople Claim OCC Is Too Focused On Crypto

Brian Brooks stands as the leader of the US Office of the Comptroller of Currency, or OCC, and was a former executive from the Coinbase exchange. Recently, the OCC has received a letter sent by multiple congress members, who have come to express concerts regarding his leadership and its heavy focus on crypto.

The letter was sent by Stephen Lynch, congress member from Massachusetts, as well as Rashida Tlaib, congress member from Michigan. The letter itself holds signatures of other members of Congress as well: Jesús García from Illinois, Deb Haaland from New Mexico, Barbara Lee From California, as well as Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts.

The letter itself detailed the recent “unilateral” actions in the digital financial activities space that the OCC has done. This includes announcing plans to offer special-purpose “payments” charters as well as interpretive letters on crypto custody. This comes by way of a media statement Tlaib had made yesterday.

A number of key regulatory clarity decisions were made within the crypto industry throughout the year, partly thanks to the OCC under Brooks’ leadership. Back in July, regulatory approval was given to federally chartered banks to allow for crypto custodianship. In September, approval was ushered in for such banks to start stablecoin reserve custody.

The letter highlighted the limited statutory authority that the OCC holds, urging the Comptroller to reconsider the implications of this unilateral approach to crypto legislation. Instead, the letter suggests that the OCC should rather collaborate with other regulators, including Congress, when it comes to these issues.

In the statement, it’s claimed that the clarity the OCC had issued out in September only hurt innovation, all the while facilitating a new class of institutions that primarily benefits established and large fintech firms. As such, the letter highlighted that large tech firms like Facebook would be able to get the go-ahead to enter the payments arena, which raises several red flags when it comes to legislators.

The world at large has seen its respective regulators go deeper in their involvement regarding the crypto space this year, especially in regard to clarity and criminal charges.

As it stands now, Brian Brooks’ press team has yet to give out a statement about the matter, but it seems the man has stepped on a few toes. Granted, the US needs to significantly jumpstart its crypto legislation if it wants to keep up with China, who’s already at the cusp of making its CBDC widely available.



Blockchain Bites: $16K BTC, $1B DAI, $13.6B TVL in DeFi

Blockchain Bites: $16K BTC, $1B DAI, $13.6B TVL in DeFi

Blockchain Bites: $16K BTC, $1B DAI, $13.6B TVL in DeFi

MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin is the newest crypto unicorn with a $1 billion marketplace limit. DeFi’s complete price locked hit an eternity high. Hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio stated yesterday he’sn’t thinking about bitcoin; several hours later, the cryptocurrency hit a three-year high. 

Forfeited resources
Chainalysis, along with confiscated asset consultancy Asset Reality, unveiled a program for storing and selling forfeited crypto. Revealed Thursday, this system is focused towards government customers, many of which count on Chainalysis’ blockchain sleuthing technology to trace illicit funds. While no consumers have now been announced, in April, the U.S. Marshals Service, which runs semi-regular forfeiture deals, stated it had been interested in a private-sector lover to help it handle and dispose of forfeited cryptocurrency.

Dalio’s dictates
Founder of the world’s largest hedge investment Ray Dalio stated governing bodies will seek to “outlaw” bitcoin if it becomes “material.” Plodding well-worn area, Dalio said bitcoin may well not even make it happen because volatility and lack of commercial attraction. “I now can’t simply take my bitcoin however and purchase things quickly along with it,” he said. However, governments may “use whatever teeth obtained” to-break bitcoin’s straight back, if it will become necessary, he stated.

Staking play
Crypto trading company DARMA Capital unveiled something to deliver Eth 2.0 stakers with exchangeability through USDC stablecoin loans. Known as, maybe unimaginatively, LiquidStake, the service allows people to carry on earning interest given by the Eth 2.0 test (that will perhaps not allow stakers to remember their particular assets once pledged) whilst applying this risk as security on a cash-equivalent loan. While various other creditors tend to be testing comparable solutions, DARMA’s has gotten the backing regarding the Ethereum establishment, including involvement from ConsenSys, Bison Trails, Figment, OpenLaw and Filecoin. In other Ethereum news, Tel Aviv-based Kirobo unveiled a way to reverse erroneous ether transactions.

$7.6B stolen
Since 2011, $7.6 billion well worth of cryptocurrencies were stolen through hacks or cons, in accordance with a fresh Crystal Blockchain report. Around $2.8 billion was taken through 113 protection breaches, with a concentration of cheats taking place in U.S., Japan, U.K., Asia and South Korea. Another $4.8 billion had been taken through frauds, with amazingly Blockchain pinpointing 23 prominent fraud schemes. Noting the the sheer number of cheats and scams seems to be holding steady, destructive stars tend to be developing more advanced. Proper insurance, reserve balances, in-house protection teams and blockchain analytics software are all advised solutions.

  • Bitcoin hashrate rebounded 30% Wednesday from quarterly lows as Asian miners brought devices right back on line. (CoinDesk)
  • Russia’s Ministry of Finance has suggested modifications to the nation’s coming crypto legislation that could soften tax reporting needs. (CoinDesk)
  • Some U.S. legislators tore in to the Office for the Comptroller of this Currency, and its particular performing head Brian Brooks, for its “excessive focus” on crypto during a pandemic, in an open page. (CoinDesk)
  • “Slippery slope” as new bitcoin mining pool censors deals. (Cointelegraph)
  • Dash nonetheless can’t shake its “privacy coin” organizations. (Decrypt)
  • Crossing $16K
    Bitcoin kissed three-year highs above $16,000 earlier in the day today. At  around 10 UTC (5 a.m. ET) the cryptocurrency clocked $16,157, a cost point final seen on Jan. 6, 2018, before trending down seriously to the high $15,000s. Bitcoin happens to be up 123% on a year-to-date foundation and it has gained almost 50% so far this quarter. Investors nonetheless anticipate a consolidation between $14,000 to $16,000 before any prospective retest of all-time highs of $20,000. “The interest up to now in 2020 happens to be mainly from organizations therefore we could see more retail participation whenever bitcoin breaks its previous all-time highs of $20,000,” Kyle Davies, co-founder of Three Arrows Capital, said.

    Bitcoin in profit
    Bitcoin’s rally has already established another effect beyond market exuberance and wild-eyed predictions: Nearly all unspent exchange outputs (UTXOs) are in profit. According to Coin Metrics, 98per cent of UTXOs are worth more these days versus time of creation, an amount last noticed in December 2017. UTXOs will be the worth left-over after a bitcoin exchange, like receiving change right after paying money. So what does it suggest for bitcoin’s cost? Well, Coin Metric experts said traders might-be motivated to market and take their profits, or carry on keeping, offered there’s “ a reduced danger of capitulation.”

    Activity on prominent P2P crypto exchanges LocalBitcoins and Paxful peaked in the first 50 % of 2019, but features since hovered around $20 million. Specialists suggest a range of elements to spell out the successful test situation of Venezuelan crypto use: like the nation’s riotous rising prices, money controls and remittance markets, U.S.-led sanctions therefore the Maduro regime’s test out a crypto-backed petro dollar.

    The International financial Fund sized Venezuelan hyperinflation at 65,374per cent in 2018, leagues above virtually any economic climate. (Zimbabwe, for example, is projected to run hot at 319per cent in 2020, though government bans indicate P2P BTC trading is near-zero.) On the list of 10 economies that have skilled the greatest prices of yearly inflation since 2017, only Venezuela, Argentina and Iran show considerable peer-to-peer bitcoin market activity, Nguyen reports.

    While macro-level indicators do a great deal to describe a “deflationary” currency like bitcoin’s attraction, significant on the ground aspects are at play. Gabriel Jiménez, a Venezuelan blockchain entrepreneur which led the development of the petro, said Venezuelan companies usually make use of bitcoin as a medium to obtain foreign exchange like buck.

    “People located in Venezuela live under a very unstable and predatory federal government. They suffer from severe inflation and basic economic instability. And right here’s a censorship-resistant, inflation-proof asset, therefore it’s really appealing to people that are looking a method to keep price,” Andrea O’Sullivan, director of tech and development at James Madison Institute, informed Nguyen.


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    Author: by Alfred Camarro · 2020-11-12

    Thursday - November 12, 2020 - NEWS | The-Remnant

    Thursday – November 12, 2020 – NEWS | The-Remnant

    A quick look around the globe…


    EU executive launches action to protect, support LGBTIQ people

    European Union Moves To Outlaw Encrypted Apps

    ‘Major Incident’ Declared as Car Driven Into London Police Station

    British police detain man after car crashes into police station

    UK nurse charged with murder of eight babies

    Coronavirus hospitalisations are rising faster in lockdown-free Sweden than any other country in Europe

    German minister sees COVID-19 restrictions through winter

    More than 300 arrested after far-right clashes in Warsaw: police

    Moldova’s president accused of illegal financing

    Ukraine President Zelenskiy hospitalised due to COVID-19

    Russia targets senior French, German officials in tit-for-tat sanctions over Navalny poisoning

    U.S., French diplomats expected in Moscow for Karabakh talks: Russia

    Middle East Region

    Israeli army finds body of missing soldier

    5 Dead After Turkish Fishing Boat Collides With Greek Tanker Off Turkey’s Coast

    Turkey again calls for joint U.S. study on Russian S-400 systems

    Turkey: Armenia to pay price if it violates Karabakh ceasefire

    Nowhere to go: Displaced Iraqis desperate as camps close

    Iran’s low-enriched uranium stockpile 12 times beyond limit, says UN watchdog

    Iran Arrests Paralympian for Questioning Coronavirus Response

    Iran Nabs Terrorist Ringleader behind 2018 Ahvaz Attack

    Iran’s Mega South Pars Gas Field Nears Completion

    Hundreds of disillusioned doctors leave Lebanon, in blow to healthcare

    Saudi Arabia tells Europe: The Muslim Brotherhood is a threat to Islam

    Shots are fired at Saudi Arabia embassy in The Hague – a day after bomb attack at remembrance service in Jeddah


    UK says China has breached Hong Kong treaty so considering sanctions

    Hong Kong opposition stages final protest in assembly before mass resignation

    Beijing Fears Esper’s Exit Raises Risk Of Military Action & ‘Accidents’

    China officials impersonation scams on the rise since October

    Report: North Korea Estimated to Have Up to 60 Nuclear Warheads

    Court grants bail to Shincheonji leader indicted on charges of obstructing COVID-19 response

    Japan’s Covid-19 cases hit new daily high as ‘third wave’ fears rise

    Seven dead as Typhoon Vamco triggers Philippine capital’s worst floods in years

    Manila court’s chief clerk fatally shoots judge in her office, then shoots himself

    Singapore: Death penalty for man who murdered pregnant wife, daughter in Woodlands flat

    Kyrgyz PM to step down as acting president, run in election

    Indians Launch Amazon Boycott over Hindu-Themed Underwear

    Latin America

    China is Working to Expand Its Ties to Latin America

    Mexican president refuses to recognize Biden victory

    Small town mayor murdered in Mexico was accused of killings

    Police Crackdown Rocks Top Mexican Tourist Resort Cancun

    Mexico City police nab 2 boys with body of 3rd in suitcase

    Mexico confirms foreign minister in talks with U.S. over ex-defense secretary’s arrest

    Company accused of spying on Assange acted for Ecuadorian Intelligence, says ex UC Global manager

    New Bolivian government reestablishes diplomatic ties with Venezuela and Iran

    Venezuelan State Electricity Company Reportedly Cuts Power To Crypto Miners

    Chinese embassy in Brazil hits back as Brasilia joins America’s ‘Clean Network’

    Woman Has Half Of Her Toe Bitten Off By A Piranha

    They threw out the president. Now Peru’s anti-corruption drive looks in doubt


    Russia Set To Establish Naval Logistics Base In Sudan

    Ethiopia claims ‘liberation’ of west Tigray, humanitarian crisis looms

    Ethiopia to set up ‘transitional’ rule in parts of Tigray: minister

    Ethiopia’s PM says bodies of tied military personnel found in Tigray

    Ethiopian parliament lifts prosecution immunity for Tigray leader

    Ethiopia’s war against its Tigray region may spread beyond existing borders

    Seven Burkinabe soldiers killed in ambush ahead of presidential election

    Petra Diamonds investigates charges Tanzanian subsistence miners abused

    Jerry Rawlings, Ex-Ghana’s President, Dies Of Suspected COVID-19

    Angry protesters block N2

    3-year-old burnt to death in Egypt for her gold earrings

    Zimbabwe journalist Chin’ono denied bail after second arrest

    South Pacific

    Police expose global child abuse ring centered in Australia

    Australia to appoint special investigator to examine possible prosecution of military in Afghanistan

    Australian corruption watchdog will not probe reported Vatican money transfers

    Investors pressure Australian firms to tackle slavery in Asia-Pacific


    Canada condemns disqualification of Hong Kong opposition lawmakers

    Two of four pro-democracy lawmakers turfed from Hong Kong legislature were Canadian citizens

    ‘A fight for the soul of the city’: Report shows how COVID-19 has deepened Toronto’s racial and economic divide

    As COVID-19 smoulders in multiple regions, experts question why Canada has no national strategy

    ‘We are teetering’: With new care-home outbreaks, Sask. should consider short lockdown, says epidemiologist

    Man arrested after being caught Spiking Date’s Drink


    Ethereum price breaks critical resistance, bulls target $500 in the short-term

    Ethereum price breaks critical resistance, bulls target $500 in the short-term

  • Ethereum price has broken above a critical resistance barrier at $463. 
  • There seems to be almost no resistance for Ethereum until $500.
  • Ethereum price topped out at $468 on November 7 and seemed to form a potential double top on November 11 after hitting $466, followed by a slight rejection. However, in the past four hours, the digital asset has seen a notable breakout towards $474, negating the possible double top pattern. 

    The next significant barrier seems to be established on the weekly chart at $488, which is the 2020 high formed on September 1. A breakout above this point could easily drive Ethereum towards $841. 

    eth price

    ETH/USD weekly chart

    Ethereum price is inside a weekly uptrend, just like on the lower time frames. On the 4-hour chart, ETH broke out of a symmetrical triangle pattern, which gives a price target of $488, precisely the high of 2020. 

    eth price

    ETH/USD 4-hour chart

    The MACD has also turned bullish for the first time since November 4, which was followed by a 20% price explosion. A similar move would create a price target at $546, especially if Ethereum price can break $488. 

    However, rejection from the critical resistance barrier at $488 would form a potential double top and would likely drive Ethereum price towards $450 to re-test the upper boundary of the triangle pattern on the 4-hour chart.


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    Dominic Cummings to depart Downing Road by Christmas

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