Altcoin Capitulation Could Affect 8 Crypto Asset

Altcoin Capitulation Could Affect 8 Crypto Asset

Altcoin capitulation may affect about eight crypto asset. A top crypto strategist and trader has put out about eight crypto assets that could be hitting the bottom. This is due to the massive sell-out.

The pseudonymous trader known in the industry as DonAlt tells his 159,000 Twitter followers that he’s witnessing what could be the end of the altcoin bear market against Bitcoin (BTC).

Finally, altcoin capitulation. This shit can go on for much longer than you think. Prices can go down much further than you think. Most coins will go to zero. Many people will lose it all. Some will make shitloads of money. This is what patient alt traders have been waiting for.”

Based on the trader’s charts, EOS (EOS/BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BTC), TRON (TRX/BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE/BTC), Basic Attention Token (BAT/BTC), Nano (NANO/BTC), Komodo (KMD/BTC), and Grin (GRIN/BTC) could all be facing bearish exhaustion after sharp declines.

Even if these coins have nosedived in valuation against Bitcoin, DonAlt reminds his followers that market capitulation does not necessarily mean it’s time to bet on these assets.

“Capitulation = Last step before either:

1) bottoming

2) going to zero.

That said, if you buy early capitulation and capitulation takes the coin down 70%, you’re still fucked when it bounces huge so entries have to be timed well. Good luck.”

The trader says the current altcoin capitulation may be the final crash before a long-awaited boom cycle emerges and sets the market on fire. He cautions that only time will tell.

“If you’ve been following me for a few years, you know I’ve been talking about altcoin capitulation being the last step of their decline.

I’ve been saying it’s outstanding for years now, and it’s finally here. That means I think there is a good chance we’re approaching bottom.”

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The best Android phones available at Cricket Wireless (November 2020)

The best Android phones available at Cricket Wireless (November 2020)

AT&T is the largest wireless network in the US, serving nearly 160 million subscribers. And with it comes a large selection of phones. But what about its prepaid brand, Cricket Wireless? What options does it have when it comes to Android handsets?

To be sure, it doesn’t have the same variety of handsets, and a large percentage of them are older or refurbished phones.

Nevertheless, we’ve gathered up a handful of the best phones you can purchase at Cricket Wireless today. Because truth be told, there are still some incredible bargains to be had there.

Although we do select one as the best overall (Editors’ Choice), the list below aims to address a variety of user types.

As always, we suggest buying an unlocked phone or a used tier-one AT&T phone for use with AT&T Prepaid. The options are plentiful in both directions and you’ll likely get something more powerful.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 may soon have its flagship successor, but that doesn’t matter much here. In fact, it’s often these year-old models that represent a better buy for a larger segment of consumers.

For the money you’ll get a 6.1-inch Quad-HD display with an in-display fingerprint reader. In terms of cameras, there’s a threesome on the back: 12-megapixel dual-pixel, 16-megapixel ultra-wide, and 12-megapixel zoom. Around front? A 10-megapixel camera that can record 4K video.

Powering things are an octa-core processor, 8GB RAM, and 128GB internal storage. Need more room for media? Toss in a microSD card and add up to 512GB more space.

When it launched in 2019 it was more phone than anyone really needed. One year removed, there’s still nothing out there that demands anything near these specs.

  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • The Galaxy S series gets all of the fanfare, but the Galaxy A line is equally sufficient a lot of people. Indeed, these lower cost options give buyers the great, familiar Samsung design but with just the right amount of features.

    For a fraction of the price of a flagship experience customers can purchase Samsung Galaxy A10e, a phone that’s perfect for first-time and prepaid users.

    Standout features include a 5.83-inch HD display, an 8-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-megapixel front-facing sensor. An octa-core processor is paired with Android 9.0, and there’s plenty of storage room available internally and via microSD expansion cards. The 3,000mAh battery should get typical users through more than a full day, and the USB Type-C port means lightning fast charging.

  • Samsung Galaxy A10e
  • Big, practical, and affordable, the Stylo 5 provides users with a large (6.2-inch) screen with stylus support. It’s perfect for scribbling notes, marking up documents, editing, and more.

    Running Android 9 Pie, the phone is powered by a 1.8GHz octa-core processor with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage. A microSD expansion card slot blows the door wide open for up to 2TB external media.

    Wrapping things up, the LG handset has a 13-megapixel rear camera, front-facing 5-megapixel selfie camera, and a 3,500mAh battery with USB Type-C charging.

  • LG Stylo 5
  • Younger users might not even know that there used to be a Nokia from the days before Android. Nevertheless, we love the stuff that the brand puts out today and find it to be some of the more interesting value propositions.

    Don’t let that price fool you; it’s all the phone that most prepaid users might need as 2020 gets underway. Included are a large (5.99-inch) screen and a 3,500mAh battery that lasts well beyond a day. We’re also really fond of the Android 9 Pie software build and USB Type-C charging.

    When you’re buying multiple phones for a family you don’t want to spend any more than necessary. The Nokia phone is an excellent option for first time users and parents alike.

  • Nokia 3.1 Plus
  • We absolutely adore what Motorola does with its Android phones, particularly along the lower end of the price spectrum. Its handsets run a bare bones Android experience that leaves things pretty much the way Google intended. In other words, clean, intuitive, and user friendly.

    Here, you get a massive (6.2-inch) HD screen, a modern build of Android, and respectable smattering of mid-range hardware. Key details include an octa-core processor, 32GB internal storage, and a microSD card slot for external media.

    Other things we appreciate? A water resistant coating, USB Type-C charging, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The best part of all? There’s a 5,000mAh battery that’s good enough to get typical users through two days of usage.

  • Motorola Moto G7 Supra
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    Why a 30% Bitcoin price crash should not catch you off-guard right now

    Why a 30% Bitcoin price crash should not catch you off-guard right now

    Why a 30% Bitcoin price crash should not catch you off-guard right now

    The Bitcoin (BTC) price rally halted the moment Joe Biden was announced as the projected winner of the 2020 presidential election during the weekend with price dropping from $15,500 to $14,400.

    However, Bitcoin is still continuously showing strength as it’s once again facing the final resistance zone at $16,000.

    This final resistance zone is the last major hurdle before a potential run at a new all-time high. However, a pullback is becoming increasingly likely with the Fear & Greed Index currently at the same levels similar to the peak high in the summer of 2019.

    The Bitcoin’s weekly chart shows the resistance zone at $16,000 as the final resistance zone before a new all-time high can be tested.

    The weekly chart also shows support levels if the price of Bitcoin starts to correct. A correction would be relatively healthy is it flips previous resistance levels to become new support.

    If a correction occurs, the weekly level of around $11,600-12,000 should be watched as a potential support zone. Such a correction would mean a dropdown of approximately 30% for Bitcoin’s price. A correction of 30% is quite normal as this happened a few times during the previous bull cycle in 2017.

    The Crypto Fear & Greed Index is a useful indicator to measure the current market sentiment. In extremely depressed periods, the index uses the color red to mark the overall sentiment.


    EUR/CAD 4H Chart: Bounces Off Support

    EUR/CAD 4H Chart: Bounces Off Support

    The common European currency has declined by 287 pips or 1.83% against the Canadian Dollar since October 29. The currency pair tested the 1.5350 level during last week’s trading sessions.

    Given that the exchange rate has bounced off the support level at 1.5350, bullish traders might continue to pressure the EUR/CAD pair higher during the following trading sessions.

    However, the 100– and 200– period SMAs near the 1.5519 area could provide resistance for the currency exchange rate within this week’s trading sessions.

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